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The Old Community Applies For An Elevator. The Fastest 5 Days Can Be Approved.

Jan 28, 2019

The installation of elevators in the old community is an important task in Nanjing this year for the private sector. This year, the city plans to complete 1,000 installations. Last week, the Morning News reported that the Nanjing Municipal Planning Bureau issued the “Rules for the Procedures for Adding Elevator Planning Permits for Existing Residential Buildings in Nanjing”. Yesterday, the Nanjing Municipal Planning Bureau revealed the latest progress in the experience meeting on installing elevators: Previously, Nanjing had been installed. The eight old residential elevators are: 3 Taicheng Garden in Xuanwu District, 1 Community in Chahar Road in Gulou District, 3 in Jiangning Road, and 3 in Zhongqing Garden. At present, there are 428 elevators declared, and 16 have passed the planning approval.

Installing an elevator often "cards" at the bottom of the household

"Since the implementation of the "Measures for the Implementation of Additional Elevators for Existing Residential Buildings in Nanjing" on November 10 last year, 14 pieces that meet the requirements for processing have successfully received the planning procedures." Wang Jun, deputy director of the Regulations and Supervision Department of the Nanjing Municipal Planning Bureau, said. Many old community owners have the idea of installing elevators, but the high-rise residents are very active, and the bottom-level residents are very entangled, causing the elevator to install a “card” and then “card”.

Yang Ting, a representative of Nanjing Municipal People's Congress, suggested that the elevator scheme should be fully optimized. The car-type elevator should be installed in the public position of the north stair wall, that is, on the left side (or right side) of the stairway entrance and exit. The elevator stops at each time. The half-floor location of the floor makes it convenient for residents to stop up and down at the corner of the stairs.

Old community installed elevator government subsidies

According to Article 21 of the “Implementation Measures for Adding Elevators for Existing Residential Buildings in Nanjing”, for the existing houses (except commercial houses) built in 2000 before the 2000 in Nanjing Liucheng District: Xuanwu, Qinhuai, Jianye, Gulou, Qixia and Yuhuatai Districts, The government gives financial subsidies.

In addition, the Nanjing Municipal Planning Bureau announced last week that the “Nanjing Existing Residential Buildings Additional Lift Planning Permit Procedures” will be implemented on May 1st. The rule stipulates that the elevator design plan should be publicized for not less than 10 days. For a harmonious neighborhood, the constructor and the opponent must sign a “memorandum of understanding” before applying for a construction project planning permit.

In order to speed up the work of adding elevators to existing houses and facilitate the bidding of the citizens, the planning department has simplified the procedures, no longer requires digital construction, and does not need to submit land use right certificate documents, geological exploration reports and other materials. At the same time, reduce the requirements for the contractor and real estate license. If the additional elevator meets the reporting requirements and the materials are complete, the construction project planning permit can be obtained within 5 working days, which is faster than the 8 working days of the major project.

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