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The Market Is Becoming Increasingly Saturated. How Can Elevator Companies Start A New Era Of Competition?

Feb 26, 2019

With the rapid development of the national economy, the elevator, as a publicly recognized transportation vehicle in the building, has gradually become an indispensable mechanical equipment in various high-rise buildings and public places. The domestic elevator industry has developed rapidly, and it is in a leading position in the world both in terms of the number of elevators manufactured and the number of elevators. At the same time, however, the domestic elevator market seems to have become saturated. The elevator manufacturing industry is facing the relative excess of production capacity, serious homogenization, and the pressure of rising raw material prices and profits. How to change the marketing model of enterprises and open up a broader market to become an elevator? A problem that enterprises generally face.

With the surge of mobile Internet, all walks of life are entering a new era of Internet. More and more traditional machinery manufacturers are beginning to focus on the transformation of the Internet. Intelligent, flat and synergistic become the new requirements for the development of the manufacturing sector. The integration and transformation of the Internet + as the core is opening a new era of competition in the machinery manufacturing industry!

In recent years, the popularity and development of the Internet has also spawned the Internet marketing model. The speed of information dissemination based on mobile Internet has greatly increased, transaction costs have been greatly reduced, and economic efficiency has been effectively promoted. Mr. Li Jiafan has been engaged in the elevator industry for 15 years and has a deep understanding and understanding of machinery manufacturing including the elevator industry. He said that traditional machinery manufacturing enterprises should actively seize the opportunity of the Internet and use the Internet to empower the machinery manufacturing industry. Such as management methods, changes in marketing models, and integration of the supply chain.

Under the Internet era, the rapid development of high-tech based on computer and information technology can only adapt to the trend of the times and make timely adjustments to change in order to enhance its competitiveness and survive and develop in a new form.

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