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The Man Didn't Want To Take The Elevator With The Indian Worker, Saying It Was Dirty And Smelly And Rolled Out With His Feet.

Aug 07, 2018

According to foreign media reports on August 4, a Singaporean man recently refused to share an elevator with two Indian workers, and he said that he was deliberately insulted, saying that they were dirty and stinky, and used their feet to signal them to get out. The matter was photographed by a passenger on a mobile phone and sent to the Internet, which caused a hot discussion among netizens.

The incident took place at Changi Airport in Singapore, when a local Singaporean man in a blue long-sleeved shirt entered the elevator at the same time as two workers from India. Another man named Uma Pathy filmed the entire process and handed the video over to the Singapore police, urging them to handle the matter. As you can see in the video, the Singaporean man kept saying to two Indian workers: "Go out, go out, you two dirty guys." Hold the elevator button with one hand to prevent closing the door and raise the left leg. Two people left the elevator. "You two are going, go."

Uma asked him: "What do you mean by this?" I saw the Singaporean man cursing while driving to drive the two men and said: "I don't make elevators with the Indians, you are dirty and smelly." And lifted his legs again, indicating The two left. The Indian man immediately asked: "Is the elevator your private property?" The Singaporean man was annoyed and repeated: "I don't like your dirty Indians, roll fast."

At this time an airport staff arrived and asked about the situation on the spot. The Singaporean man asked him to drive two Indian workers out of the elevator. After seeing no effect, he was even more angry. While cursing, he walked out of the elevator and said, "I will never take the same elevator with you. You are stinking."

It is not known how the police deal with this matter, but the video has caused a lot of concern on social networking sites. Everyone has blamed the Singaporean attitude towards Indian workers too badly, and expects the police to file a case for investigation.

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