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The Guangzhou Government Has Reclaimed 1.2 Billion Yuan To 422 Residential Districts And The Policy Continues To Benefit From The Installation Of Elevators

Jun 26, 2018

After the first batch of 165 old residential districts in Guangzhou were to be reconstructed, Jiali Elevator recently learned that the Guangzhou Urban Renewal Bureau has released the second batch of transformation plans this year, and an additional list of 422 old district renovations has been announced! Yuexiu, Liwan and Tianhe have arranged over 700 million yuan to help your old house! In addition, the addition of an elevator is also a force, in addition to subsidies, several districts have set up additional targets, and soon can enter the elevator room!

Overweight transformation of 422 old districts

According to the “Guangzhou City Annual Plan for Urban Renewal (Second Batch) in 2018”, there are a total of 428 official projects under this program, including 422 micro-reform projects in old districts, and a total of 1.24 billion yuan in financial input from Guangzhou.

According to statistics of the administrative districts of the project, a total of 775 million yuan was allocated to projects in the three districts of Yuexiu, Liwan and Tianhe, which accounted for 62% of the total funds.

Those who still live in old houses have more good news: Guangzhou will promote the renovation of 779 old districts from 2018 to 2020. Among them, old communities built before 1980 that are strongly reflected by the masses and located in the central urban area, key areas, and main roads, railways, airports, and high-speed rail stations are preferentially included in the transformation plan.

How to transform? Old facilities must be changed + dress up

Many people ask, how will the "minor transformation" be transformed? How will the old house be dressed up? At present, the micro-transformation of the old districts around Dongfeng Road has already started relevant tenders. Maybe your home will also be transformed like this:

The common parts of the housing construction: the aging equipment and facilities such as water, electricity, gas, and telecommunications for the key renovation of the housing construction, the realization of “one household and one meter” for the hydropower, the entrance of the pipeline gas, the maintenance of the stairway, the wall of the stucco corridor, the erection of the house exterior Face, fill up the corridor fire protection facilities, to protect the live and use safety, maintenance, renovation, increase the building drainage pipe to achieve rain and sewage diversion.

The public part of the community: repair the municipal infrastructure, three-line regulation, improve the community lighting facilities; rectify environmental sanitation, remove illegal buildings; open up public open space, and clear the walking network. Drainage unit retrofit will also be carried out.

Elevator installation: "2/3 households agree" may fine-tune

People who live in the old house are most concerned about the installation of elevators. After the current four districts have clearly defined the subsidy policy, in the first five months of this year, more than 500 old buildings in Guangzhou have been applied for the installation of elevators, especially in Liwan, Yuexiu, Haizhu, and Tianhe. Moreover, at present, Tianhe has installed more than 500 old buildings with elevators. Liwan also proposed to add at least 500 old buildings with elevators within 4 years. Yuexiu said that it installed 360 old buildings elevators within 3 years.

Many households are now stuck with the "2/3 residents consent" standard when installing elevators. It often takes a long time and process. In this regard, in a recent “People's Livelihood Hotline”, the relevant person in charge of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Development proposed that: “Guarantee of the 2/3 households” standard is a space for fine-tuning. Various districts in Guangzhou are also doing some exploration and exploration. The next step, from the provincial level, hopes to improve legislation and regulations.

In view of the inconvenience of submitting materials to the elderly, Yuexiu District and other districts are making attempts to send them to the community and decentralization of the examination and approval authority. Grassroots community staff have been trained and it will be much more convenient to add and install materials.

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