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The Guangri Elevator Party Committee Central Committee Thoroughly Studied And Implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's Inspection Of The Spirit Of Guangdong's Important Speech

Dec 21, 2018

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On December 12th, Guangri Elevator convened an enlarged meeting of the Party Committee Central Committee to study the spirit of the important speech of Guangdong in the special study of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and conscientiously learned to understand General Secretary Xi Jinping on deepening reform and opening up, promoting high quality development, improving development balance and coordination. An important exposition of strengthening the party's leadership and party building, Lin Zhenzhong, secretary of the Party Committee of Guangri Elevator, presided over the meeting. The leadership team and management team of the company's party committee discussed and discussed the topic.

At the meeting, Secretary Lin briefed General Secretary Xi Jinping on the background, the itinerary of Guangdong, the four requirements for Guangdong and the five signals released. Secretary Lin pointed out that Guangri Elevator should fully carry forward the spirit of reform and opening up, focus on the main business, strengthen innovation, adhere to "both hands and hard work", achieve the promotion and common development of party building and center work, and promote party building work and enterprise production and management. Work depth integration.

Subsequently, the leadership team of the Guangri Elevator Party Committee and the management team actually discussed the understanding and the key tasks to be grasped in the future, and unanimously stated that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of the important speech of Guangdong is of great historical significance, specifying the company’s production and operation work and party building work. The direction.

In the future, Guangri Elevator will transform the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech into policy measures and specific actions to grasp the implementation, seize the major opportunities such as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Dawan District Strategy and the Guangdong Free Trade Pilot Zone, deepen reform, innovate and further improve The balance and coordination of the company's regional development enhances the company's product quality, service quality and quality of operation, and promotes the company's transformation from a production-oriented manufacturing enterprise to a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise, and strives to create a company's development with more firm confidence and more powerful measures. New pattern.

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