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The First Old Building In Hefei Was Completed With An Elevator, And The Owner Invested 230,000 Yuan To Subsidize 250,000!

Aug 17, 2018

I don’t have to worry about climbing stairs and getting tired again in the future.

The elevator that has been waiting for so long is finally installed.

Yang Shihai, who lives in the 5th unit of the 5th building of the Great Wall Day Garden, has a good dream. Under the efforts of him and other owners, the elevator installation project in the community will enter the final stage of trial and adjustment. It is expected to be officially opened on the 14th.

This is the first application from the owner of Anhui Province.

An old community with an agreement to add an elevator project,

It is a reference for the installation of elevators in Hefei and even the old districts of the province.

On June 6, the construction of the elevator installation of Unit 2, Building 5, Changcheng Tianyiyuan Community, Laoshan District, Hefei City was officially completed. This was the first project in the province that was initiated by the owner to reach an agreement and finally entered the construction site. Referring to this "baby elevator", the 70-year-old Yang Shihai is very emotional. As early as two or three years ago, he had the idea of installing an elevator. “My family lives on the 4th floor. As I grow older, it is more and more difficult for me to climb the stairs. And the residents of our 6-story building, many of them are not young, climbing up and down is a hard work. In 2016, Laoshan District took the lead in implementing the pilot of the existing building with elevators in the province, so that he saw hope.

Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth

His thoughts spread quickly among neighbors, and residents with high floors agreed. But the problem is also coming. Installation of the elevator may affect ventilation and lighting. The residents on the first floor can't use the elevator. Can they agree? According to the 2017 Interim Measures for the Installation of Elevated Buildings in Laoshan District. Adding an elevator to an existing building must be approved by all the owners, and the family cannot agree to it. Everyone's business is going to be discussed by everyone. The final discussion results: 4,400 yuan for the two households on the sixth floor, 32,200 yuan for the fifth floor, 23,000 yuan for the fourth floor, 11,500 yuan for the third floor, and 6,900 yuan for the second floor, a total of 230,000 yuan. The government's 250,000 yuan subsidy.

The cost of installing the elevator is not only enough, but it can still be left. Originally, after deliberation, I decided to take out some of the compensation for the first floor residents, but the residents on the first floor were willing to support the neighbors' ideas and did not accept them. "The elderly have more feelings for the old houses they live in. Everyone is not willing to move. In the future, the installation of elevators in the old community is the mainstream, and the neighbors of our unit have set a good example together." Yang Shihai said.

The neighborhood is very friendly and friendly.

The relevant person in charge of the Housing and Construction Bureau of Laoshan District said that as the first owner of the province, the elevators installed independently by the owner, from the application to the elevator purchase, design, plan review, supervision, etc., are owners' independent. It is reported that after the hoisting of the elevator of the Great Wall Tianyuan Park, the owner of Unit 1 of Building 7 of Qiyuan Community has signed the contract with Hefei Wanyin Elevator Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. in early August, and the installation of the elevator project officially started. This is also the second part of the province. Follow the principle of “voluntary, open and transparent, and full consultation”, and install the elevator project independently.

Elevator electricity fee does not exceed 100 yuan per month

The elevator was installed, and the 12 households in the unit have already discussed the problem of how to use it. Yang Shihai showed the reporter the cell card that had just been sent out. The elevator was installed outside the unit door. For safety, it was necessary to swipe the card when going up the elevator. In addition, a separate electric meter is installed for the elevator. The electricity bill is shared by 10 households from the sixth floor to the second floor, with a ratio of 18:14:10:5:3.

According to the person in charge of the elevator construction, if the elevator runs 24 hours a day, the monthly cost is only 50 or 60 yuan, but in fact the elevator will not run 24 hours most of the time, so the electricity bill will be lower. He said that because of the low floor and low frequency of elevator use, the multi-storey residential buildings are much smaller than the elevators installed in ordinary high-rise residential buildings, and the electricity and maintenance costs will be less. The relevant person in charge of the Housing and Construction Bureau of Laoshan District also told reporters that in order to encourage everyone to install elevators, the "Interim Measures for the Installation of Elevated Buildings in Laoshan District" issued in July 2017 clearly stipulates that the subsidy for a single elevator will be included in the 250,000 yuan. 10 years of maintenance premiums.

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