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The First Elevator In Keqiao District Was Put Into Operation And It Was Inseparable From The Time And Place.

Nov 12, 2018

On November 2nd, it was a memorable day for the residents of Block 32 in Guqiao District of Keqiao District! Keqiao District's first "additional elevator in the old district", began trial operation here. The new elevator at the door of the house will bring great convenience to the owners of the community, especially the elderly and children.

“It’s very stable, very quiet, better than I thought.” The residents couldn’t wait to take the elevator and expressed their satisfaction. The staff of the Special Inspection Institute of Shaoxing Quality Supervision Bureau introduced that the elevator has a load capacity of one ton and can transport up to 13 people at a time, which can guarantee the daily use requirements of residents. After passing the tests, the elevator is basically qualified, and there are still some minor problems to be corrected.

It is understood that the Guayu style community was built in 2004, and it is only one road away from Guayu Lake. It is mainly a multi-storey house. It was a famous high-end community at that time, but it gradually became an "old community." "Now the newly built high-end residential area is basically an elevator room. Many old residents feel that there is no elevator is not convenient. The economic conditions of the residents here are good, and some people have moved away." Sun Zhiying, director of the community of Guayu Lake, told reporters that I heard that the community was installed. Elevators, moving out of the households have come to "visit", and even some residents said that they are ready to install one for their own home, and then move back to live.

From the end of June this year to the beginning of November, the construction has also experienced some twists and turns. For example, due to the early construction period, it is difficult to accurately grasp the position of gas, water supply, wastewater and other pipelines. “In one construction process, I accidentally touched the underground pipeline. It took two months for the public service unit to handle it,” Mr. Lin said.

With the new elevator, follow-up management is also very important. Mr. Lin said that the elevator company is in contact with itself, and the other party promises free maintenance within one year. "The expenses incurred by the operation of the elevator and the sharing of maintenance costs will be apportioned according to the proportion of the capital contribution during the installation. The maintenance cost of the elevator is about 4,000 yuan a year, and it can be shared by all the families."

Why is the first elevator in Keqiao District to be installed in a melon-style community? Sun Zhiying said that this is inseparable from the right place and the right place.

"Tianshi", first of all, Keqiao District issued the "Keqiao District existing residential elevator installation work plan", clear target tasks, simplify the approval process, catch up with a good time. Secondly, the demand for quality of life for community residents is increasing, and the demand for installing elevators is strong.

"Division" is based on just the right "occupation." The main reason for installing an elevator is to get support on the second floor of the first floor. The 32 buildings of the Guaoxi style community are located just outside the residential area, and the first floor and the second floor are all facing the business premises of Huxi Road. Therefore, the unfavorable factors such as noise and lighting after the installation of the elevator rarely affect the living experience of the residents.

If the former two create favorable conditions for “installing an elevator”, then “human harmony” is the core thrust of this action. At that time, the community received relevant notices, and posted notices of installing elevators in each building at the first time. There are currently two buildings in the community that are preparing to install elevators.

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