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The First Batch Of Elevators Installed In Beihang Community Was Completed

Jul 11, 2018

Since August last year, the Beihang Community of Huayuan Road, Haidian District has begun construction of 75 old residential buildings with elevators. At present, the first batch of 21 elevators installed in four buildings of elevators 104, 205, 206, and 208 are put into trial operation. In order to make the community environment better, the Beihang community began to green landscape work after the elevator construction was completed. At present, two pocket parks have been built using idle open space.

    In front of the completed residential building, the underground pipelines on the north side of the building were all updated, the roads were level, the pedestrians were separated from the motor vehicles, and a number of parking spaces were added through the tree pool renovation. In addition, the tree species were replaced outside the building, planted with green plants, and the community environment was completely new. In front of Building 206, there is a newly built pocket park, planted with flowers and plants, and equipped with fitness equipment. “Before it was a wasteland, there was no green plant. We listened to residents’ suggestions during the construction of the elevator. A pocket park was built on the open space." Liu Tonghua, secretary of the Party Committee and director of Beihang Community.

    It is understood that the Beihang community is currently ranked among the best in the Haidian District with the installation of elevators and the installation of elevators. At present, the second batch of 207, 403, 416 three buildings with 13 elevators will be put into operation, and has entered the construction stage of the north side of the building; the third batch of 20 buildings of 306, 307, 407, 417 four buildings The elevator has now completed the installation of the elevator and entered the final stage of the construction of the corridor. In the second batch of 415 and 106 buildings in 2018, the underground pipeline reconstruction has been started. The 308 and 418 floor geological survey and design work has been completed. At present, the drawings are in the stage of strong review, and the work of installing elevators and supporting projects is progressing in an orderly manner. in.

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