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The Female Teacher Was Trapped In The Elevator, The Door Was Stuffed With 100 Yuan Bills, And The Life-saving Note Was Successfully Removed.

Mar 01, 2019

We often go home by elevator to work, but do we know how to save ourselves in the elevator? Recently, in the elevator of a residential area in the high-tech zone of Mianyang City, such a scene occurred, and several hundred dollar bills caused curiosity among passers-by in the gap of the elevator. What is going on here?

According to the introduction of the residential property, the hundred-dollar bill in the elevator is the resident of the community. She is a junior high school teacher. When she gets home from work, the elevator just happens to encounter the elevator failure, so the female teacher wrote it with pen and paper. Greatly save the life, then put the note out of the elevator. Finally, I also stuffed a hundred dollar bill in the door of the elevator, hoping that the kind owner found that this also became her lifeline.

The trapped female teacher is paying attention to the money in the elevator door

At about 18 o'clock that day, the Mianyang City Special Patrol Police Detachment patrolled the seven brigade police received an alarm saying that someone in the high-tech zone was trapped in the elevator and needed help. After receiving the police, the police quickly rushed to the scene. According to the policeman Mr. Li, when he went downstairs, he saw a piece of paper at the entrance of the elevator, which read the big two words "Help". There were a few hundred yuan of cash in the doorway, and I heard someone talking. Speak to yourself. At the beginning, Mr. Lian thought that the hundred-dollar bill was stuck in the elevator. Who made the prank, but after observing it, it was discovered that someone was trapped inside, and it was still his neighbor. Mr. Li rushed to the police for help. Eventually, the police rescued the trapped people with the firefighters who arrived later.

Police and firefighting rescued trapped female teachers

After communicating with the trapped people, the police learned that the trapped person was a junior high school female teacher. When she took the elevator home, the elevator suddenly stopped moving, pressing the alarm button had no effect, and the phone had no signal, so it was good to bring a pen. In a hurry, I took off a poster in the elevator and wrote a message for help and stuffed a few hundred dollars in cash, hoping to attract the attention of others. Seeing these news, not only praise the wisdom of the female teacher. The female teacher was in a hurry and succeeded in saving herself. She also played a leading role for her students.

Xiaobian has something to say that it is inevitable that accidents will occur when taking the elevator. When the elevator fails, we must keep calm and not yell and yell, so that we can't wait for the firefighters to come. Also keep a half-squatting posture, do not consume too much physical strength. We must also seek help from the outside world in various ways to successfully save ourselves. It is worth learning. The female teacher was trapped in the elevator, and the door was stuffed with a hundred-dollar bill and a "life-saving" note, which was successfully rescued.

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