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The Elevators Strike Frequently. The Culprit Is Only The Decoration Material Taking Elevator?

Jan 21, 2019

I have a share of the public elevator. Why can't I transport the plates?

    Whether the elevator can be transported or not is legally stipulated. There is a difference of opinion between the property owner and the owner. In the owner's manual provided by Mr. Zhang, no relevant regulations on the use of elevators were found. So what is the law and regulations that property stewards say? Xiaobian telephone consulted the relevant departments, a person in charge said that some high-end residential areas have provisions for protecting elevators from shipping, but there is no such requirement in law.

    Mr. Zhang reflected that he was in trouble when renovating a new house. When I planned to transport four or fifty boxes of materials to the 20th floor of the new house by elevator, I was stopped by the property. “The cement and sand used for decoration are relatively heavy. I originally planned to transport it through the feeding company. The tiles are used less, so there are forty or fifty boxes. I want to use the elevator to transport it.” Mr. Zhang said that the property found him at that time. It is stated that according to the “House Decoration Agreement”, the owner cannot transport sand, cement and ceramic tiles through the elevator. "I have learned about several communities, and there is no such problem. Sand and cement may cause pollution. I don't understand the use of elevators. I understand that there are packaging and relatively light tiles that are not allowed to be transported by elevator. I can't understand this. Mr. Zhang told the property decorator.

    After learning about this, Xiaobian came to this community, and the phone of the loading company was everywhere in the community. At the elevator door where Mr. Zhang is located, some owners are busy with renovations and saw a lot of bagged materials piled up at the entrance of the corridor. Near the two elevators in the corridor, there was no notice of prohibition of loading materials. “It is forbidden for elevators to transport cement, sand and tile materials. The owners of our decoration basically know that this is mentioned in the “House Decoration Agreement”. There is a loading company designated by the property in the community. They are responsible for loading and pressing. The fee is increased by 5 yuan per high floor." One owner of the district told Xiaobian that her house is about 120 square meters and the loading cost is more than 2,000 yuan. "According to my understanding, the landlord's loading fee for this community is almost 2,000 yuan or more." The owner said.

    The elevator strikes frequently. The "culprit" is only the decoration material taking elevator.

    The relevant person in charge of the community project department said that the community had handed over the house last year, and the owners who have been renovating at present are already over half. Because it is a new high-rise residential area, the owners are busy with decoration, and the transportation and decoration materials are completely dependent on the elevator. "In principle, the decoration and transportation materials are not allowed to use passenger elevators, but even the property personnel can not stop. The cement and sand used in the early stage of renovation, the furniture purchased after renovation, the workers will be transported by elevator. Proper use can easily cause malfunctions."

    Moreover, when the worker transports the material, the material is placed on the side of the elevator, which causes the elevator to be unbalanced, and hardly inserts the elongated object or the elastic object into the car body, which may cause the roof to rupture or the elevator to violently shake. In addition, long wooden strips, floor tiles, etc. fall into the pit through the gap, and falling at high altitude may destroy the parts and cause problems in the elevator. Owners and workers who are recommended to make renovations can be less loaded and diligent when using the elevator.

    Xiaobian found that the biggest problem is that the owner will block the open elevator door when waiting for someone to move things in the elevator, push electric cars or bicycles. The elevator door is illuminated by a light curtain. If the door is kept for more than 20 seconds, the elevator will start self-protection and stop, or force the door to close. When this happens 3-5 times, most elevators will stop running.

    Inadequate staffing of the property

    Recently, many residential districts in Zhenjiang have frequently stopped accidents. Although the accident has not caused any casualties, it is not a trivial matter for the residents trapped in the elevator. This shadow may be difficult to eliminate for a while. Xiao Bian believes that as long as the residential property is treated equally and strictly managed; the residents of the community will use the elevator consciously and correctly from the public interest, and it is believed that the frequency of “shutdown” of some residential elevators will definitely decline.

    A resident of a community in the east of the city who had just handed over the house revealed that the elevators in the residential area were crushed several times by the renovation materials, which made it difficult for the residents who had already stayed to go up and down. This is not a special case. Many new residential areas still have the phenomenon that decoration materials occupy the elevator. If we think about it, we will find that the elevator "sickness" rate of the new community is much higher than that of the old community. What is the reason, this has a lot to do with the lack of new residential buildings in the use and management of elevators.

    In all fairness, when our residents were decorating high-rise buildings, did they use the elevators secretly in order to save trouble? In addition, some residential properties do not allow the decoration company to use the elevator privately. After receiving the owner's transportation fee, the elevator is used to transport the decoration materials. And the decoration workers, the elevator does not have a fault and has nothing to do with itself, so it is "taken for granted" not to cherish. Imagine that these stupid and heavy materials are used in the elevator of the transporter for a long time, and the degree of loss of the elevator can be imagined.

    Call for owners to use the elevator civilized

    Elevators have gradually become an indispensable means of transportation for "vertical traffic." In addition to lack of maintenance, some elevator failures stem from improper use. Xiao Bian found that during the renovation of the new community, the elevators were frequently damaged due to improper use. In the case of 10 elevator failures, more than 60% of them were caused by improper use of humans.

    Many owners may not know that it is easy to cause partial load during the transportation process of the elevator (for example, 1000 kg of cargo is stacked on the rear side of the elevator, it is easy to cause the elevator box to tilt. The weight of 1000 kg is scattered when transporting passengers, and will not cause the elevator to tilt. ). Due to the precise internal structure of the elevator, it is very easy to cause elevator failure by using elevators to transport heavier cargo, which shortens the operating life of the elevator. Also, the packaging of the materials we use (such as plastic bags, wooden strips, straps, etc.), dropped into the elevator doorway and the interior of the elevator, and the elevator will easily cause the elevator to malfunction after running. It is easy to cause the chute gap to become large when the cargo is not standardized for a long time. Longer objects are transported overhead in the elevator door frame and can easily cause the door frame to shift. Therefore, please cooperate with the property regulations, safety and decoration, and use the elevator reasonably.

    The community is my home, maintenance depends on everyone! The relevant penalties are only constraints, and many of the consequences of damage to elevators and community environmental behavior are irreversible. To create a good living environment requires every owner to really pay and meticulously maintain. I hope that the renovation and decoration industry will mainly regulate the decoration, shackle and restrain the decoration construction team, and timely deal with the decoration waste as required. At the same time, property personnel shuttle between the buildings of the community every day, discover uncivilized phenomena in time, protect the property security of the owners, and work together to create a clean and comfortable livable home!

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