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The Elevator Touches Porcelain Should Be Combined To Damage

Sep 11, 2018

Some time ago, WeChat group rumored to forward the message "Daughter fell directly from the 28th floor to the first floor, people are already unconscious, and send red packets in the owner group, I hope everyone forwards." For a time, the news was quickly forwarded by the owners. .

The person in the hospital: said that the elevator fell from the 28th floor, dizziness, vomiting, blue face, was shocked! In the evening, some netizens revealed the news that the property had modified the maintenance date in order to shirk its responsibility, and the testimony was carried out in the drawing. It seems to be well-founded, so the property of the community has become a target for a time. After hearing the news, the relevant departments quickly went to the investigation. The results were not checked. I didn’t know the original story. The original story is the bright and swaying elevator “touching porcelain”!

In the face of the relevant departments' doubts, the monitoring video of the property opening the day of the incident can be seen from the video. After the lady enters the elevator, the elevator door has a short door that cannot be closed. After repeated pressing the button, it still does not respond. The back door is normally closed, and during the down process, there is a brief pause for a few seconds. At this point, she pressed the alarm button, but did not respond. After ten seconds, the elevator continued to slow down and stopped at the negative level. The lady walked out of the elevator and the whole process lasted for nearly three minutes. There was no such thing as the elevator descending directly to the first floor, and the lady remained standing and in good condition throughout the process.

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This is the elevator in the owner's mouth from the 28th floor directly to the negative first floor, people are already unconscious!

It should be said that this phenomenon is not a case. In recent years, with the popularization and widespread use of elevators, this phenomenon has become more and more, and it has also made many people who have the heart to take advantage of it and take advantage of it, which makes the elevator business unit miserable. So why is there a phenomenon of "magnetic porcelain" that can make some people succeed? :

First, the user does not understand the common sense of the elevator and the responsibility of safe riding. In addition, some bad media use malicious language to provoke malicious speculation, which makes the public feel fearful about riding the elevator. Some normal troubles are trapped. Extremely ill, leading to some illusions and psychological barriers;

Second, some supervisors lack the required level of laws and regulations, sometimes for individual purposes or for the so-called "harmony", regardless of right and wrong, chasing the lawsuit, putting responsibility on the elevator business unit, contributing to social prejudice , causing society to mistakenly believe that anything in the elevator should be taken care of by the elevator industry;

Third, the elevator use unit and the maintenance unit lack the self-protection awareness, the monitoring measures are not perfect, and the elevator liability insurance is not insured. Therefore, when things are afraid, they always want to be calm, and they will not be able to make a fuss. The legal weapon has caused a passive beating situation of "reasonable black pots, ruined black holes";

Fourth, the use of units does not pay attention to investment, purchase services at low prices, neglect maintenance quality management, maintenance units for survival and low-cost work, work is not in place, resulting in long-term safety hazards of elevators can not be eliminated, elevators often appear The problem of trouble and difficulty, the resentment of residents and residents has intensified the contradiction between the service provider and the user, causing the user to take the opportunity to vent their dissatisfaction and resentment.

The above reasons, although not all of the problems, but at least some of the causes of the phenomenon and problems of the elevators in the elevator, should be highly valued by all parties, and need to take comprehensive measures to solve. Suggestions here:

The first is to establish a just environment and order of the rule of law. In order to revise the unreasonable and unreasonable laws and regulations, the provisions of the regulations that are taken for granted by the ruling party and deviate from reality should be eliminated, the regulations and standards should be met and the reality of service, and the legal system for ensuring the safety of the people and safeguarding social fairness and justice should be formed. . Law enforcement officials should understand the laws and professional knowledge. While serious law enforcement, they should combine reason, fairness and integrity, win the trust of the people, and truly promote social harmony;

The second is to implement the main responsibility of the user. The supervisory department should increase the supervision of the use unit, solve the problems of low input, low requirements, light quality and safety, improve the quality and safety level of elevator equipment, and reduce the occurrence of trapped people;

Third, whether it is the use of units or maintenance units, we must learn to use legal weapons to fight the ugly phenomenon of "touching porcelain." In the event of a trapped person, while taking active measures to rescue, take a cautious attitude to respond to the response of the rescued trapped person.

Do not blindly agree to some unreasonable demands of the trapped person, so as not to lose initiative and become passive. For some people with symptoms of the disease, the management unit should be the mainstay, and the elevators should cooperate with the implementation of treatment measures. When discovering unreasonable and malicious blackmail, if you insure the elevator liability insurance, immediately notify the insurance company to intervene and use the insurance anti-fraud function to punish the evil person. If you are not in danger, you should pay attention to doing a good job in collecting evidence. You must dare to go to court and take legal weapons to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

The responsibility of the burden is to be borne, and the responsibility that should not be borne is unreliable. Don't let that poor profit turn into tears of grief and indignation, leaving endless pain and sorrow on the road of struggle, and be busy in the end!

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