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The Elevator Suddenly Fell From The 16th Floor! Overloading Is Terrible!

Apr 03, 2019

At noon on March 19, an elevator in an office building in Shangqiu, Henan Province, suddenly fell from the 16th floor to the 2nd and 3rd floors, 14 people were trapped, one of them was pregnant with pregnant women in July and August.

The fire brigade of Xiangyang District of Shangqiu City immediately arrived at the scene after receiving the police. As there were more trapped people in the elevator, the rescuers comforted the trapped people and contacted the property to rescue them. When the property personnel controlled the elevator to slowly descend to the first floor, they found that the elevator key could not open the elevator door. The staff was trapped in the elevator for a long time, which would cause nervous anxiety. Considering that there is a pregnant woman among the trapped people, the situation is urgent, the commander The decisive order is forcibly opened with expansion tongs, and the rescuer uses the crowbar to open the door of the elevator and then expands the elevator door with a hydraulic spreader. After three minutes of intense rescue, 14 trapped people were successfully rescued.

It is understood that the maximum nominal number of the elevator is 10 passengers. Because of the 14 passengers here, it is seriously exceeded by the upper limit of the elevator.

The fire department reminds the general public that once trapped by the elevator, don't panic, press the emergency button immediately, call the police at the first time, keep calm, stabilize the mood, don't climb the elevator by yourself, remember not to open the elevator door forcibly, so as not to cause Greater damage.

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