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The Elevator People Turn Up: Look At These, Don't Just Pay For It!

Jul 16, 2018

Frequently, the public complained that the elevator failure was high, the elevator quality was not good, and there was even a horror phenomenon that the elevator itself dropped rapidly.

     Indeed, the public has witnessed the safety hazards such as elevators, people who are stuck in trouble, or have experienced problems, or have seen reports. The technical structure of the elevator is complicated, the well is deep, the car is small, the fault is not uncommon, and accidents occur... ordinary citizens Inevitably, there will be panic and doubt about the safety of the elevator.

What are the usual phenomena that are not elevator failures?

    Because we don't understand the function of the elevator itself, if we encounter some abnormal phenomena, we will mistakenly think that the elevator is broken. In fact, the elevator is not bad! That is the elevator in self-protection~

    Fully loaded elevator does not stop: After the elevator car is full, in order to avoid overload, it will no longer respond to the outside call of the next station.

    Overloaded elevators do not go: This is more and more people know, and most of the passengers who are coming in can voluntarily quit.

    The elevator does not close the door or repeatedly open and close the door: there are debris at the door or sill to block the light curtain or the door touch panel.

    The elevator suddenly drops to the lowest level and resumes normal operation: the elevator level is re-determined after the elevator is powered off.

    The elevator will stop at the first floor and stop the door: the fire-fighting function of the elevator will be triggered by the smoke sensitive or thermal sensor in the building.

    After the elevator suddenly flats, the door does not open, and after a few minutes, it automatically resumes operation: the elevator (elevator) runs for too long and the motor overheats, in order to prevent the burned motor from automatically recovering after cooling.

    The phenomenon of “quick drop” occurred in elevator maintenance: when the maintenance personnel converted the elevator into the maintenance operation state in the engine room, the citizen on the 2nd floor ladder just saw the moment when the external call display showed the state switching, and heard the elevator. The sound of the stop sound will cause a misunderstanding of "quick drop".

    The elevator stops at a certain floor for a long time or does not respond to the outside call: It is possible that the elevator administrator has activated the driver operation function.

There are still many cases where the elevator is broken, but you can call the repairman for advice before you can figure it out. Do not take measures by yourself to avoid causing more damage to the elevator or even causing casualties.

    Some elevators "fault" is normal

    The public sometimes has some misunderstandings about the elevator. It is considered that the elevator is out of order and the elevator is unsafe. In fact, the failure of the limited elevator is a normal phenomenon.

    Most of the elevator accidents are still caused by human factors. Do you often see people knocking on the door, kicking the door, hitting the door, repeatedly pressing the door button, elevators, opening the door, etc., transporting the garbage, throwing debris, or carrying heavy objects such as furniture and building materials, hitting the elevator, overloading Forcibly squeeze in and press all floor buttons... In fact, these are dangerous "red lights" behavior.

    Tricks and kicks can cause the elevator to stop suddenly, and the elevator malfunctions, causing personal injury, which is absolutely impossible to do. The behavior of smoking, bouncing, etc. in the elevator car violates the safety rules of the elevator and is prone to safety hazards. In addition, there are certain hazards when an electric car or bicycle enters the elevator car or hits the elevator door.

    We didn't use it because we didn't know enough about it.

The correct practice in the daily maintenance work of elevators

     In fact, these misunderstandings and wrong behaviors can be avoided. Now let me talk about the correct practices in the daily maintenance work of elevators~

Safety education activities should be carried out regularly

     Maintenance and use management units should periodically launch elevator knowledge popularization and elevator safety education activities. The majority of the passengers know more about the elevator, which not only enables the passengers to enhance the trust of the property and the maintenance company, but also greatly reduces the elevator repair. The rate, the maintenance staff does not have to run in vain, and the property can also increase the understanding and support of the maintenance staff.

Weibao company promotes safe riding knowledge in the community

Maintenance and use of units to strengthen elevator safety management

     First, the elevator user should implement the duties to ensure that the elevator room temperature meets the normal use requirements of the equipment. Otherwise, the necessary ventilation and cooling facilities, such as air conditioners or exhaust fans, should be installed in the elevator machine room; the communication between the elevator car and the duty room should be ensured; Strengthen daily inspections and duty work; implement safety measures for elevator operation in different seasons and emergency plans for troubleshooting.

     Second, the maintenance unit will implement the maintenance work of the elevator according to the characteristics of the climate in different seasons. Once the failure occurs, timely rescue and elimination.

     3. When the citizens take the elevator, if they encounter the elevator "closed person" failure, they should keep calm, promptly pass the car intercom, alarm bell, call the maintenance contact number on the "elevator use sign" or "110" rescue call, etc. After getting in touch with the relevant personnel, wait for the professionals to come to the rescue. Do not take unsafe behaviors such as slamming the door or climbing out of the elevator car to avoid a safety accident.

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