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The Elevator Car

Dec 29, 2016

Car lift for hosting the box space and transport of persons and goods. General by the end of the car, car car wall, sedan, car doors and other main parts, internal clear height should be at least 2m.

Bearing structure of the car is the car, car loading (weight and load) by passing it to a haulage rope. When the safety gear or hit the buffers at the end of squatting, also the resulting reaction, so the car should have sufficient strength.

End of car usually consists of beams, columns, beams and bracing (adjust the level of its base of to prevent leaning floor warping) and so on.

Car body is the formation of the enclosing wall of the cabin space, apart from the necessary access and ventilation holes, there shall be no other openings (a few States require car top security window opened), car body consists of flammable material and do not produce harmful gases and smoke. For passenger safety and comfort, cabin entrance and internal clear height shall be not less than 2 metres. To prevent passenger overload caused by too much, the effective area of the car must be restricted. See GB7588-2003 for the rated load maximum effective area and car counterpart. In order to ensure no overcrowding in the passenger elevators, the standard also lays down the minimum effective area of the car.

Car by car floor wall, car, car.