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The Elevator Can Also Be On The Insurance

Dec 10, 2018

On November 28th, the signing ceremony for the pilot comprehensive management of the elevators in the Minle Community of Huinan Town was held at the Huiyi Neighborhood Committee. Starting from January 1 next year, the first batch of 85 elevators in the folk music community will be escorted by “security guards”. While incorporating the maintenance information into the smart platform through technical means, the insurance mechanism is introduced as the risk to ensure the safety of residents riding the ladder.

The elevator comprehensive management and protection program was the first attempt in Shanghai. By introducing property insurance companies, the elevator safety management was transformed from a single government management model to a diversified social governance model.

"Insurance + Service" escorts residents

The pilot involved five residential areas in Minle, Nanyuan, Beiyuan, Xiyuan, Dongyuan and Luyuan, with a total of 85 residential ladders. Chips, cameras, sensing equipment, etc. are newly installed in the pilot elevator. The real-time information collected about the elevators collected by these devices will be uploaded to the platform independently developed by the insurance company for the maintenance and management of the elevators and help the government to jointly Supervise the quality of the work of the elevator maintenance unit,

At the same time, these maintenance information will also be transmitted and incorporated into the Minle Daju Smart Platform. Residents only need to use the mobile phone to scan the QR code posted in the elevator, and they can grasp the relevant situation of elevator maintenance and maintenance in real time and participate in supervision.

In addition to achieving maintenance monitoring and reducing the incidence of accidents through the Internet of Things technology, this pilot also focuses on the residential elevator management innovation model, and establishes a package resolution mechanism for risk prevention and protection through “insurance + service”. The specific pilot program is: the property management party purchases the elevator comprehensive liability insurance guarantee from the Shanghai Branch of PICC P&C Insurance by paying the insurance premium. In the future, if an accident occurs in the elevator, resulting in personal injury, the insurance company will pay the first time.

Daju “Smart Community” is getting better and better

Minle Residence is one of the largest affordable housing bases in the city. Since the establishment of the Daju project in 2011, 37 communities have been built, and the number of residents is now more than 30,000. It is estimated that the total population will reach 80,000 by the end of 2018. As a smart community pilot in Huinan Town, in recent years, Minle Community has tried and explored innovation in community governance and urban refinement services.

Shen Lifeng, member of the Party Committee of Huinan Town and secretary of the Party Committee of Minle Community, said that in the process of elevator “insurance + service”, the folk music community will know in time the difficulties encountered by the industry committee, property company, maintenance unit and insurance company. And problems, improve and perfect the insurance operation mode, further explore the "innovation + governance" model, and create a Huinan model for elevator safety social comprehensive management, and introduce multi-dimensional governance into elevator safety supervision.

It is understood that the elevator comprehensive management and protection plan for this pilot project is one of the projects for the construction of the Minle Daju Smart Community. As early as last year, Minle Community took the lead in launching the smart access control system pilot in Huiyi Nanyuan, and protected the community through face recognition and mobile APP app. In addition, the folk music community is gradually establishing a database to improve the smart control platform. During the year, several smart community projects including intelligent fire detection, intelligent parking, and water quality monitoring will be launched.

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