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The Electrician Patrolled The Maintenance Personnel Of The Elevator And Fell Into The Elevator Shaft Of 3 Meters Deep.

Feb 19, 2019

       Yesterday, Nandu reporter learned from the Foshan Chancheng Fire Second Squadron that at 7 o'clock on the evening of July 4, seven fire fighters successfully rescued a man who fell into a 3 meter deep elevator shaft. At present, men have been admitted to hospital and are out of danger. Surprisingly, the man fell into the elevator shaft, but he still fell into the air when he was inspected by the elevator maintenance personnel.

       The event site was built on the second floor of the Expo Plaza under construction in Chancheng. As the plaza is currently being closed, many elevators are in the trial operation stage. In a reporter interviewed by Nandu, it was found that in the negative, negative and second floors, the elevators were mostly covered with wooden boards.

       In the interview, a person in charge of the surname Liang said that the man was an electrician in the square. On the same day, when the square elevator maintenance personnel inspected and inspected the elevator, they inspected one after the other. "Walking around, the electrician behind has disappeared." He said that the front maintenance personnel turned back and found that the man had fallen into the elevator shaft.

       "At that time, he passed the negative two-story elevator shaft and found that the elevator door surrounded by the wooden board was not well surrounded. Then he pulled the wooden board to adjust it. As a result, he stepped on the air and fell down." The person in charge said. Nandu reporter learned from the fire news that the elevator at the elevator lifted to the seventh and eighth floors. Because there was no electricity, the elevator stopped at a high place and did not come down.

       A fire fighter from the Second Squadron of the Chancheng City who participated in the rescue said that he arrived at the scene after receiving the police at 6:30. He found that the trapped person was injured and could not move, accompanied by a lot of bleeding. "The man's nose and lips fell into the elevator shaft and broke. One hand may have broken."

       Firefighters said that the trapped people were located in the elevator shaft of the construction site on the third floor of the construction site. The trapped area was small and lacked sufficient light, which caused great difficulties for the rescue operation. In order to avoid secondary injury to the injured person, the rescuer used the stretcher to fix the injured person, and used the stretcher to lift the trapped person from the underground. At the same time, a soldier communicated with the trapped person at the wellhead to keep being The sleepy person is sober, and a combatant is responsible for the on-site lighting. After 10 minutes of rescue, the trapped person was finally rescued and sent to the hospital.

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