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The Cost Is The Culprit Of The Collapse Of The Elevator Company! We Don't Want To Spend Money, And We Have No Money To Pad! Turn

Apr 09, 2019

Nowadays, many elevator companies are afraid to touch the project again. Why? ------The funded project may make you work hard for decades before letting you return to liberation. Xiaobian has witnessed the occurrence of many such things, and many elevator companies are now fiercely competitive in the elevator industry:


Looking forward to the sky off project

    "Brother, I see that you are sincere and trustworthy. I will hand over a project to you, and I will check it out after I finish it, but I have to pay for it."

Many companies have listened to this statement and are sure to be happy. Although they know that there is a risk in the investment, it is not bad to think that this year is too much, and it is not bad to get a job.

If you have a small amount of money, you will not be able to borrow money, and some will take the risk to ask for usury.

Why don’t you dare to pick up the funding project?


Hot potato

    When the loan is loaned, the project is also done, and the project is not as good as the promised by Party A.

    Don't push it, don't give it. Speak with a tone of voice and say that you are ugly. Be gentle, don't take you seriously.

    Many times reminded, but it is useless, the answer is always "no time to accept" "temporarily no money" "wait again, will be given to you next month."

   Why don’t you dare to pick up the project?

    If you can't get the project, it will come to the fore, and the elevator people will have to live and pay. Can't you pay without pay? Can't you run? Certainly not.

    Many elevators and elevator companies are hometown folks. For a long time, they must be pointed at their noses and their families. And even if you take your family with you, the law will not let you go.

    then what should we do? I ran to borrow money or borrow loan sharks to pay the wages.

    I don’t dare to pick up the funding project, because the poor control will be the main culprit for the collapse of most elevator companies!


One word "loss"

    This owes two ass debts. As the days go by, the interest is getting more and more, and the pressure is overwhelmed.

    In desperation, I had to speed up the frequency of dunning, but it did not help. One month and two months passed, and two years passed, and I still didn’t get the money. In the end, I had to tear my face and put Party A on the court and take legal weapons to defend her rights.

    The smooth point quickly won the lawsuit and got the project money, but the money may not be enough for usury.

    Therefore, many people who stepped on this pit are not willing to take over the project, and the big profits will not be done.

    In the current real estate downturn, a large number of small and medium-sized developers have completed projects that are unable to pay for the project, and new projects require cost-based construction; a large number of government and state-owned project debts are high, and the construction of BT is required to be funded, and the payment of construction costs is delayed in the name of audit. For the elevator construction unit, how to analyze the investment project?


    We will sort out the proportion of the funds that have been undertaken and the payback period, and calculate the minimum financing capacity to ensure that there is enough money to cover.


    For projects to be newly undertaken, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the proportion, duration and recovery risks of the funds, and ensure that there is additional money available.

    Control pad

    It is necessary to control the total amount of funds to match their own financing capabilities, and continue to pay attention to changes in the ability of each issuer to pay and the ability to finance. The cost is the culprit of many elevator companies closing down!

    Have you ever encountered such an experience? Please talk below.

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