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The Choice Of Cargo Lift Ladders Depends On What Aspects

Jul 20, 2017

Cargo Lift is an important device in the industry, to facilitate people's work, but also a certain security threat, it must ensure that its performance is intact and correct use. Today's theme is the choice of Cargo Lift ladders to see what aspects.

Enterprises in the purchase of ladders. The important condition is to look at the consumer manufacturers credit, then there is after-sales service. Only the product quality is good, excellent performance, good safety device Cargo Lift ladder, the price is reasonable under the situation, can be used as the direction of choice. After the arrival of equipment, check out the box to check whether the random inspection of the material can be completely random accessories, tools, accessories and whether the complex and more, equipment and accessories can be hurt, shortcomings, and do out of the box acceptance records. East St. Cargo Lift equipment production Cargo Lift ladder its characteristics: Cargo Lift table can be set to operate the table button to complete more mastery. Lifting cargo ladder product structure is solid, carrying capacity, lifting bumps, installation protection Jane double inconvenience, affordable low floor instead of elevator fantasy cargo delivery equipment. According to the installation environment and the use of the request, choose a different configuration, can be better use, lift ladders are mainly used in chemical, low temperature, low pressure, power plants and other enterprises.

Hydraulic ladders for the building layer between the high-volume transport of goods dedicated hydraulic Cargo Lift products are mainly used to transport a variety of work between the goods up and down; three-dimensional garage and underground garage high car Cargo Lift. Products hydraulic system set anti-fall, overload safety protection devices, the floor and Cargo Lift table can be set to operate the button, to achieve multi-point control. Hydraulic cargo ladder structure is strong, carrying capacity, smooth Cargo Lift, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient, is economical and practical low-rise between the traditional elevator alternative cargo transport equipment. According to the installation environment of the Cargo Lift and the use of requirements, choose a different optional configuration, can achieve better results.

Cargo maintenance is not always on the use of it, maintenance is a very important part, because the use of freight ladder when he must have worn, the longer the use of its greater wear and tear, to the end will bring dangerous Things happen, so the maintenance of freight elevators is very important, then how to maintain the

1, daily maintenance (each class). 2. After 1500 hours of work, the mechanical and electrical systems are repaired. 3. freight elevator work 5000 hours later, the mechanical, electrical system in the repair. 4. After 30 hours of work, the mechanical and electrical systems are overhauled.