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The British Invented The Super Elevator, Which Can Travel Along The Outside Of The Building. Do You Dare To Try?

Oct 12, 2018

Now the building is built more and more, it is a few dozen layers. It is impossible to climb a building. It is estimated that residents living in small high-rises have not walked a few stairs in the whole year. Everyone is taking the elevator. Now these elevators are straight up and down. People are too busy to come over. If there are too many people, then the elevator will not be able to squeeze. The overweight alarm will start to ring when it is crowded. At this time, people who are fat will be very embarrassed. Especially in some elevators in office buildings, white-collar workers are afraid of being late for work, so grabbing the elevator is still a technical activity.

In order to improve a company in the UK called PLP Architeetjre, a new elevator was invented. This elevator is different from an ordinary elevator. First, the elevator is installed outside the building. Of course, elevators installed outside the building are also common. However, the track of the elevator is the only one in the world. The elevator track of this elevator is a circular circular track. Because it adopts the form of circulation, it means that it can run on the other floor of the building. The circular surround can increase the elevator. The quantity, to meet the daily needs of the entire office building, no longer have to worry about the embarrassment of the elevator. The elevator is equipped with a gyroscope inside, and the overall use of the magnetic levitation design.

Although in a circular orbit, the passengers inside the elevator are always level, even if you make an elevator a few turns, you will not feel dizzy. Of course, it is also very intelligent that the elevator can adjust the number and speed of the internal elevators. The speed is faster when the morning peaks, the number of elevators is increased, and the elevators are paid less during work or vacation time, avoiding unnecessary waste and realizing Rationalization of resource allocation.

However, for the super elevator developed by the guy outside the building, there are still many people who are afraid. After all, this kind of elevator that turns the circle is the first time the big girl gets on the sedan. The foreigner also said that she was very scared after reading it, but I believe In the future, the actual application, you can appreciate its convenience and speed.

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