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The Bear Child Uses A Lighter To Ignite The Billboard In The Elevator. User: Does The Parent Care?

Mar 11, 2019

Everyone should know that bear children are curious about everything.


Curious about fire is not a good thing!

February 28, Chengdong District, Xining City, Qinghai Province

a child when riding the elevator alone

Light up the billboard in the elevator with a lighter

Fortunately, the owner of the elevator was subsequently found and extinguished.

The fire did not cause a big loss

When the property staff puts the information

Post to the owner of the WeChat group

Causing "unprecedented waves"

The owners have condemned this

Lack of public morality and behaviors that endanger community safety

Subsequently, the parents of the child’s parents appeared

Apologize to the community owners within the group

Although the fire did not cause much harm

But Xiaobian still wants to remind parents

Be sure to manage the children, and must not let the children be willful

In recent years, accidents caused by "bear children" are not rare.


On February 13th, a household in Taizhou City burst into a fire

The entire corridor was full of smoke, and the house was burnt...

The firefighters will fight the fire after some hard work.

Fortunately, after the house is on fire

Old people and children at home escape in time

After asking the insider, the little girl played a hydrogen balloon in the room, and the two hydrogen balls were tied. She wanted to separate the two hydrogen balls and pick up the lighter to burn the rope. The hydrogen balloon exploded at the moment of fire, and Mars splashed on the sheet and ignited the fire.


Afternoon on February 21

A household in the Yujing Longcheng Community of Hanyin County caught fire

Firefighters after half an hour of emergency disposal

The fire was successfully extinguished, no casualties

Preliminary investigation

It is a child playing a lighter at home to ignite the closet

Causing fire


On February 18, a fire broke out in a hospital in Xianning City.

Fire fighters were found on the scene

Smoke from the first to eighth floors of the hospital’s medical building

There are many hospitalized women and babies

After more than ten minutes of searching

Found that the fire was the stairwell on the first floor of the stairs.

Combustion substances are cleaning items, cartons, etc.

Then the fire fighters succeeded in extinguishing the fire.

It was found that the cause of the fire was caused by people playing with fire.

Monitoring shows that the igniter is for two children

2 people in the hospital on the first floor stairwell

Use a lighter to ignite confetti

Then igniting the debris piled up in the stairwell

After seeing the fire, the two children fled the scene because of panic

have to say,

Develop a child’s awareness of fire protection,

It is urgent to take precautions!

Children’s interest in fire can’t be blocked!

Facing the curiosity of the child

What should we do?


    1. Make clear the truth:

    Parents should educate children: do not burn paper, branches, leaves in the wild, do not grill fire on the fire, do not set off fireworks, firecrackers, so as not to cause fires caused by fire. At the same time, briefly describe the use of fire to eliminate the psychological pressure of children's fear of fire.

    2. Guide the child to make a correct judgment:

    Find out from some items what children can't play and cause fire, and stimulate children's activity interest. When you find something like a match or a lighter, let the child say why you can't play it, encourage it when you are right, correct it in time, and let the child know exactly which dangerous items can't be played.

    3. Teach children to identify fire signs and fire protection facilities:

    Collect fire-fighting logo patterns to let children identify and guide children to learn how to prevent fires.

    4. Remember the method of self-help escape:

    Let the children keep in mind, when you find the fire, you should quickly notify the surrounding adults or call 119. When the fire is on, if the fire is small, quickly smash it with water; use the wet towel or clothes to cover the nose and mouth. Bend down and escape from a safe passage.

I hope that in the future, parents must strictly discipline their children.

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