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Terrorist Elevator Failure! The Old Man Fell Into The Elevator. The Car Began To Rise. The Body Was Almost Cut!

Apr 10, 2019

At noon on March 23, there was a thrilling scene in the Tianshen Building, No. 1185, Beihong Road: 63-year-old Chen Apo fell into the elevator, the upper body was in the elevator car, and the lower body was outside the car, and the elevator was still running upwards. Seeing that the old man is about to be caught, in a critical moment, the old man flees out of the elevator and escapes.

When the party Chen Apo was interviewed, she was still undecided. Mr. Yang told reporters that at 12:30 yesterday, the old man was preparing to take the elevator upstairs. When he just lifted his foot, he was stunned. Half of the people fell into the elevator. Who knows her? Still not getting up, the elevator door is about to close. "At that time, her head was in the elevator and her feet were outside the elevator. The elevator rose like this. Fortunately, the old man noticed the danger and used his strength to retreat. He escaped before being caught. Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous." Falling, Mr. Yang speculates that most of the problems are elevators.

This afternoon, the reporter contacted the property, and the person in charge, Mr. Wang, said that he could not give a clear reason. After the incident, the elevator was stopped and contacted by the maintenance company to repair it. At present, the fault has been rectified.

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