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Sudden! Quanzhou District One Hotel Elevator Has An Accident! One Death And One Injury!

Jan 03, 2019


26th afternoon

Quanxing Hotel in Nanhuai Road, Quanxiu Street, Quanzhou District

Workers are working on replacing the new elevator

Sudden accident

Two workers were defamed

The accident caused one person to die on the spot

Another person was injured and sent to the doctor

Accident occurred in Quanxing Hotel, Quanzhou District

At 7 o'clock in the evening, when the reporter came to Quanxing Hotel, the hotel was in normal business and some guests were checking in. The lobby of the hotel is covered with protective mats. Some construction tools are placed around. There is a piece of iron plate leaning against the elevator. The above is reminded that the elevator is not allowed to be used. The elevator door is open and the car is hung in the air. 

Hotel elevator is forbidden

"The elevator of the hotel is being renewed. It has been under construction for some time. Usually, the guests go to the guest room from the stairs on the side." The front desk of the hotel said that she had just changed the class and only heard about the incident, but she did not know the specific situation. The accident occurred at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The insider said that the car had fallen from the fourth floor and went to the workers who were working on the first floor.

After the incident, the police, fire, 120, and safety supervision rushed to the scene for rescue. One of the workers died on the spot and the other wounded was taken to the hospital for rescue.

The reporter learned from the Quanzhou Zhenggu Hospital that the injured neck fractured the axilla, and the injury was heavier. After the hospital, he was bandaged and transferred to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University for further rescue. Subsequently, the reporter learned from the emergency department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University that after the treatment, the injured person's current vital signs are stable. After further improving the auxiliary examination, the specialist will discuss the next step of the diagnosis and treatment plan.

At present, the safety supervision department has been involved in the handling.

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