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Space Elevator By Elevator Can Ascend

Mar 08, 2018

Take the elevator, shuttle in the blue earth and deep space, full of cosmic sky ...... This may sound like a science fiction plot. But as science advances, the "space elevator" may become a reality.

In 2016, scientists did an experiment in Munich, Germany: a 30-cm-long, iron-lined elevator goes up the line about 100 meters in an orderly manner. This experiment marks a small step toward the ambitious concept of a "space elevator."

The so-called space elevator is actually a kind of space-conceived device for mankind. Use cables to connect the space station and ground above 100,000 km and take the elevator cabin to and from between the two places.

No need to wear spacesuit when passengers take the space elevator. No matter who can taste a galaxy visual feast at the space station, or indulge in gravity football carnival. Can also fly a small spacecraft to the moon's surface, mining the unique mineral resources of the moon.

Space elevator is also known as "modern Babel." Aoki Yoshio, a professor at the Nihon University School of Science, is brave enough to challenge this idea. Professor Aoki, who studied safety management and accident investigation of tall elevators in 2008, said at the time: "It is impossible to go to the universe with elevators." But a technical contest at NASA led him to make a big difference . "This is not impossible, try to challenge it!"

The following year, Professor Aoki tried a lift called "Mountaineer". In 2013, he experimented at the foothills of Mount Fuji, bringing "climbers" to the ground at a height of 1,200 meters. Next he will challenge the experiment in space. He plans to launch two 10-cm3 satellites, then attach a cable between the satellites to allow the "climber" to travel between the satellites through the cables. If the plan goes smoothly, the experiment will be implemented in 2018.

Professor Aoki in the research room, gathered a group of also carries the "space elevator dream" students. The junior student Xiaochi Kui is one of them. He learned the existence of the space elevator in high school, so decidedly decided to apply for a big day. Turning to the space elevator, his eyes full of light: "I want to sit in their own research and development of elevators to the unknown universe."

Private enterprises are also involved. In 2011, a large research and development team was formed by the major construction company Daelim Group in order to build another "ultimate tower" following Tokyo Sky Tree. The following year, the Dalin Group put forward: "The space elevator will start operation in 50 years." The project cost 10 trillion yen, and Aoki is the chief engineer. Ishikawa, team leader, asserted: "In theory, to achieve."

However, the project is faced with a pile of problems. For example, cables need to be made of the new material "carbon nano", but with the team's current technology there is simply not a long enough cable. Even so, Professor Aoki said with full expectation: "I want to narrow the distance between the universe and the earth and I want to push forward the daytime universe travel."