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Some Views Of The Staff Of Elevator Quality Inspection Agencies On The Competition Among Elevator Companies

Mar 21, 2018

Since the 1980s, China's elevator industry has experienced rapid development in the past 40 years. In the past 20 years, it has experienced the most brilliant continuous high-speed growth. China has become the annual output of elevators, the annual demand for elevators, the amount of elevators, and elevator companies. With 4 countries in the world number one, as elevator professionals, we are proud and proud of this.

    On the other hand, the rapid development of the elevator industry has attracted more investment, resulting in a serious excess of elevator manufacturing capacity in recent years. Needless to say, we are good at simplification of complex products and processes, reducing high costs, and bringing civilians into luxury. The result is a reduction in quality.

    It is this mode of operation that we standardize non-standard elevators and homogenize diversified and individualized elevators at different levels. Reducing quality, reducing competition, and increasing competition from bosses to employees are becoming more and more busy and hard. The output of elevators has increased, and the scale of enterprises has expanded, while the output value and profits have decreased.

    Elevators and cars are all transportation equipment, and the product complexity and sales price are not different. However, the output value of a large car company can reach the entire elevator industry. Because the car is a standard product for mass production and finished products, elevators are non-standard customized products that become devices after installation. Every project, every order, and even every elevator may be different. It is impossible for an elevator factory to produce 3 million elevators per year.

    After the boom, as the elevator manufacturing industry on the supply side of the construction market, the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises may be able to solve the problem of low price competition. The national brand leading enterprises shift from low-cost product marketing to brand marketing. The brand is quality, service and reputation. . To take advantage of the national quality improvement and brand strategy, we must make the national brand high-quality, high value-added products. SMEs have the advantage of location and flexibility. According to the different needs of the project and customers, they can tailor products and craftsmanship to make products and services. Constantly expanding enterprise production scale and low price dumping are not the operating modes that the elevator industry should have, return to the custom attributes of elevators, and ensure that the industry‚Äôs reasonable profits and the value of employees are valued by quality, reliability, and quality services. Enterprises will assume more Social responsibility, our industry must still be in the sky, and it can be healthy and sustainable development.