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Should I Pay For The Elevator On The First Floor? The Listener Manager Finished, The Owner Group Fried The Pot

Oct 18, 2018

Recently, our community has been arguing around a topic, that is, if the number of floors purchased by our house is the first floor, should we pay the elevator management and maintenance fees? I believe that many communities where friends live will have this situation, so what is the truth? We together look.

First of all, many friends who live on the first floor, they will feel that they do not change the elevator fee, because they usually do not need to use the elevator of the community when they go home, so if you do not need to use the elevator, this elevator fee is paid, no Is it equivalent to spending the neighbors on the upper floors? Since they did not enjoy the elevator service, they felt that the elevator fee should not be paid. Although this is only a small amount of money, in the long run, it can still save a lot.

However, for the friends on the high floor, their views are different. They think that the community elevator is shared by all the owners as part of the public facilities. The right to use belongs to all owners, including the first floor owners, although the first floor Owners rarely use or even do not use it at all, but the owner of this right to use is still available on the first floor. In addition, the garden outside the community, although it is a pool area, but also allows the residents on the first floor to almost monopolize, the owners of other floors can not enjoy, then the other owners should not pay green management fees?

Therefore, for the question of whether the elevator should be paid for on the first floor, it is really public that the public and the aunt are reasonable, so what is the truth? With questions, I specially consulted a manager who is engaged in property management. After listening to his answer, the owners of the community have exploded.

According to the existing provisions of the Property Law, all public facilities in the community are owned by all owners. All owners have the right to use, and since they have rights, they also have certain obligations. This obligation must be borne. Routine maintenance costs for public facilities. So, even if you give up the right to use the elevator, you can't afford to pay for the elevator, because this is a prescribed obligation.

Or let's analyze it from a simple point of view, just like the flowers and trees in the community. You said that you usually go to work after work, and you don't have time to go to the community garden for a walk. You have no time to enjoy these flowers and trees, then you can Do not pay property fees? The answer is no, because these flowers and trees, whether used by anyone or not, require daily manual maintenance. These are costs and must be borne by the joint owners.

So after listening to the property manager, everyone should be clear too? In fact, when you stay in this community, you are part of this community. The size of the community is closely related to us. Therefore, we suggest that you should not argue for this little money, and jointly safeguard our beautiful home. important things.

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