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Shaoxing City Quality Supervision Bureau Smart + Precision-enhanced Special Equipment Safety Supervision

Dec 11, 2018

At present, there are 18,400 units of special equipment production and use in Shaoxing City, with a total of 129,400 special equipments. The safety supervision task is very heavy. Since the beginning of this year, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau has adhered to the "smart + supervision" model, and with the help of information technology, it has accurately promoted the remote monitoring of elevator safety, the classification and evaluation of the safety management of special equipment, and the rectification of hidden dangers. No special equipment safety accidents occurred throughout the year. The state of safety supervision is leading the province.

First, the "Internet of Things" technology remotely monitors elevator operation. The use of the Internet of Things technology to promote the construction of the "Smart Elevator" project, through the establishment of three platforms for emergency rescue, remote monitoring, and maintenance supervision, to provide technical support for elevator rescue. Since the beginning of this year, the city has installed 1,628 new smart elevators, with a total installed capacity of 2,944 units. The 96,333 elevator emergency hotline has covered 19,401 elevators.

Second, "list" software quantifies the risk of locking equipment. Held 5 special training courses on classification evaluation, 1050 enterprises in the city participated in the training, and promoted the use of software in batches for autonomous and normalized “diagnosis”, quickly locked in the risk points of special equipment use management, and 1867 units completed self-evaluation. Accumulated and controlled risk points 18452.

Third, the "Big Data" platform tracks the hidden dangers of accidents. Fully use the information of the special equipment comprehensive management system. Since the beginning of this year, the city and county quality supervision bureaus have dispatched 6,275 inspection personnel, and investigated 2,546 special equipment use units. The municipal special inspection institute has tested 74,641 special equipments for grassroots enterprises to ensure various types. Hidden danger 100% clear.

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