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Senhe Project Xinjiang Korla Yisheng International

Jan 24, 2019

With high-quality products and efficient service, Senhe Elevator provides a one-stop solution for the customer service, installation and service of the Senhe GRPS20 small machine room passenger elevator for the Korla Yisheng International Project in Xinjiang, helping to build a landmark building in Xinjiang and show the city's style.

Yisheng International Project is located at the intersection of Yan'an Road and Karasu Road in Korla City, opposite the administrative center of the city. It is the only real estate project of the three-in-one heart intersection (Shanghai Water City), which is close to the convention center, gymnasium and administrative center. Yisheng International Project covers an area of 220,000 square meters and has outstanding advantages. It is a lake-view urban complex integrating political center, cultural center, financial center and commercial center. It is the core area of the city CBD that the municipal government is fully committed to.

The Senhe GRPS20 small machine room passenger elevator is a mature ladder in the industry. It combines German rigorous manufacturing technology and advanced technology in the industry. The mechanical components are smart and compact, effectively reducing the top space and saving construction costs. It is safe, stable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The advantages of comfort and so on are highly recognized by our partners.

Senhe Elevator has rich practical experience in serving urban commercial complex projects. This time, we aim to optimize the design of products and improve product performance for the international passenger flow and high-frequency transportation environment, and strive to provide users with more safety. The comfortable ride experience helps Xinjiang's urban development and highlights Senkh's significant advantages in commercial complex projects.

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