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Security Take The Elevator: Mo Shading Screen Does Not Block The Door To Enter The Car First Look

Mar 23, 2018

With the improvement of living standards, the number of high-rise buildings in the community has increased and the use of elevators has increased. The elevator is convenient for everyone, but it also brings you some minor annoyances. What should you do if an elevator fails? How can you use the elevator properly? In response to this situation, the Yancheng Tinghu District Market Supervision Administration Consumer Association and the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Division specially invited experts from the Yancheng Branch of the Jiangsu Provincial Special Investigation Institute to give lectures and drills to the citizens on the site of the Xincun Community in the eastern outskirts of the Yanhai Community. Get everyone welcome.

The weather is cold and passionate

Into the eastern suburbs of the new village did not go far, to see the district's garden square placed on the information desk, the stage has come around to consult some of the owners of the district, Jiangsu Province Special Inspection Institute Yancheng branch mechanical and electrical room, director Wang Haixin is sitting There, the patient who came to consult patiently answered.

“I knew that the lift was good, but once I had a problem, I really didn’t know what to do. I would have heard some elevator failures in the past. Some of them still sound scary.” “Yes, that is, we must understand and understand. Several people talked at the information desk and several others approached and asked.

Citizens Jiang Jiabin and Shao Shengbing lived in the community and had previously drove cranes. Although they were not very familiar with elevators, they knew that elevators and cranes belonged to special equipment. Some basic common sense still wanted to know. “I saw from the Internet that the elevator caught the dog leash and strangled the puppy. I don’t know how it happened. Is it not very safe to use the elevator?” Wang Haixin told him that the safety protection device of the elevator was called The light curtain consists of a number of light rays and has a blind zone. For humans, the body is large and will not cause any impact. However, the dog band is generally fine and may be in the blind zone, so it is not perceived by the light curtain. As a result, the belt will be caught by the door, and the lift will move with it when it goes up, causing consequences.

Safe use of common sense

Wang Haixin told reporters that most of the questions asked by the public are mostly about the maintenance and maintenance of elevators. Citizens are concerned about the failure of the elevator and what to do if it cannot travel. It should be reported to which department. “Actually, this is not a difficult task. If problems are found, it is sufficient to report it to the property at the first time.” Wang Haixin told reporters that in fact, the general problem is that the property can help solve the problem. If the problem cannot be resolved, the property will also contact the maintenance unit in time. , Ask the professionals to come to solve, it touches on some problems caused by improper use of the elevator, it is worth everyone to pay attention.

Wang Haixin said that when some people use elevators, they often press the up and down keys together. This is a mistake, which reduces the use of elevators. Secondly, the position of the elevator car must be confirmed. When the elevator is opened, it should be looked at in advance. Young people should not only look down and play with their mobile phones, observe whether the elevator is parked on this floor, and do not blindly step in to avoid running out of space. Third, do not block the elevator for a long time. Some citizens go upstairs and downstairs, when there are many things, or if they wait for someone, they will use their feet or objects for a long time to block the light curtain and prevent the elevator from closing. If problems arise, the consequences will be disastrous.

“These three points are problems that we often encounter in our daily lives.” Wang Haixin said that when people actually encounter problems, they do not need to be too nervous. The elevators usually leave alarms on the walls of their cars and yellow bell buttons. Elevator maintenance calls, or even 119 can also call, "As long as the call, reported the elevator number, it will find the location of the elevator through the elevator number, it is convenient."

Many live performances onlookers

In order to provide a more intuitive understanding of the emergency rescue situation of the elevators, professional maintenance personnel were also invited to conduct drills at Hongcai Court, Xincun, Dongjiao. The maintenance personnel wore work clothes and helmets. A warning sign was erected in a unit building in the community. A staff member simulated the citizens trapped in the elevator and called for help. Within a short period of time, the maintenance personnel opened the elevator car through professional tools and asked the people in the elevator to rescue them after they were innocent. The process is orderly and at a glance.

Through Chen Fanghong, secretary general of the Consumers Association of the Market Supervision Bureau of Tinghu District, the reporter learned that elevator safety has become a major concern for the public. The elevator complaints received by the Tinghu District Consumer Association received more than 150 complaints in a year. Consultation and communication have solved the problems. Overall, the elevator safety situation is still good. This time, the popularization of elevator safety knowledge is carried out in the district. It is also hoped that demonstrations will be given to everyone through on-site operations and will be escorted by everyone.

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