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Regulations On The Use Of Cargo Lift

Jun 19, 2017

In order to ensure the safety, Cargo Lift elevator does not allow anyone to ride, when the elevator is not on the first floor, any of the provisions of the Cargo Lift elevator (hanging plate) safe use and daily maintenance to ensure the safe operation of the Cargo Lift elevator, People are not allowed to enter the elevator underground. 2. Up and down the goods, is strictly prohibited beyond the Cargo Lift guardrail frame, not in the car to drag the goods, when a large number of goods to be transported, should be a small number of delivery, to ensure that no high, overweight phenomenon. 3. In the event of failure in the operation of the ladle, you should immediately press the emergency brake switch to seek professional staff to help solve the problem, is strictly prohibited to take measures. Cargo Lift can only be used by one person to operate, is strictly prohibited people in different floors at the same time the use of Cargo Lift, Cargo Lift elevator is not used must stop on the second floor and locked.

 Now the security issue is the primary test of the problem of ladder, how to produce the safety of the Cargo Lift ladder into zero, is our highest pursuit. In the absence of automatic control, in order to prevent the overload of cargo luggage, Cargo Lift must have a professional training of the driver operation, by "people" to control, to manage, to ensure the safe operation of hydraulic ladder. And the diversity of human factors, volatility, it is difficult to keep the safe operation of the elevator. Such as the hydraulic Cargo Lift is not standardized loading a variety of, and sometimes difficult to rely on people to judge, likely to cause false judgments, even if the driver knows some non-standard loading, out of acquaintance's feelings embarrassed to stop, Operation and so on. Through the intelligent control of overload protection in the elevator control system, it is of great practical value to eliminate the illegal behavior of the elevator operator, standardize the behavior of the production personnel of the Cargo Lift elevator and prevent the misuse.

If the Cargo Lift to do overload test, through a command switch to close the overload protection function, easy to overload protection system out of the elevator control system. To achieve the function of weight overload protection, after installing the pressure sensor, the pressure sensor signal should be pre-processed, the analog signal into a switch signal (A / D analog-digital conversion), the weight overload signal connected to the ladder The original PLC control process input, and in the original PLC program can insert a small program can be.