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Proud! Chinese Elevators Go To The World!

Jul 25, 2018

    On July 23, employees of Shenyang Yuanda Group received information from Kazan City, Russia. At the just-concluded World Cup in Russia, Bolint Elevator performed well. A company in Kazan, Russia, reached an agreement with Bolinte Elevator: Future Engineering Office For elevators, the Bolint brand is preferred.

    June 16th, local time 19:00; June 17th, local time 20:00, Russia's Saransk City Mordovas Arena and Samara City Samara Universe Arena, accompanied by Peru and Denmark The Costa Rica and Serbia World Cup group match was held as scheduled. Zhang Yapeng and Liu Guofu of Shenyang Broad Group Elevator engineers also started the World Cup “career” – in the 22 days of the World Cup, 67 of the two arenas. Remote monitoring of the elevator; daily call with the on-site maintenance personnel to understand the elevator operation.

    One hour after the end of the two events, Zhang Yapeng and Liu Guofu received the same content call from Russia: "Peace is fine, running well." From June 16th to July 7th, this report from Russia is constantly being repeated. On July 7, the Kazan contractor said one more sentence: "Bolinte Elevator, Harashao!"

    In March 2017, Shenyang Yuanda Bolinte Elevator stood out from the bidding of many international brand elevators. It won the bid for a total of 67 elevators in the 2018 Russia World Cup new stadium, the Moldova Arena and the Samara Arena. . The newly built two arenas can accommodate up to 45,000 people. "These 10 games are basically full, and 67 Bolinte elevators have withstood nearly 50,000 people (times) and have shown good quality," said Wang Feng, regional manager of Yuanda Intelligent Industrial Group.

    “Blint Elevator has become one of the big winners of this World Cup. It not only puts Shenyang Yuanda brand, but also pushes “Made in Shenyang” and “Made in China” to the world.” The former chief engineer of China Machinery Industry Federation, Yong Yongbin, commented.

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