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Property Person You Know Too Little About The Elevator

Mar 30, 2018

Why is a mirror installed in an elevator?

Create an illusion of greater space



Beware of crime and harassment



Assisting people who use wheelchairs, asking them to confirm the location of elevator entrances and exits because they are not easily turned around in elevators

real use

Property elevator emergency treatment



When the fire protection system reports a fire alarm, the fire watch personnel should calmly and calmly find out the location and quantity of the alarm point. The telephone informs the security watchman that they are rushing to the scene to check and use the intercom call to remind the passengers to remain calm. When a fire is confirmed at the scene, the management office must be immediately informed to organize the personnel to extinguish the fire, and stop the elevator at the same time. If it is a false alarm, troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible to restore the normal operation of elevators and escalators.



When the elevator itself fails, rescue the trapped person and organize the personnel to repair it immediately. Find out the cause of the accident and eliminate the hidden trouble. If it is not possible to self-study, the elevator maintenance professional must be notified as soon as possible to eliminate the malfunction, resume the normal operation of the elevator and write a written report of the accident. Submit the record to the superior company.


Why is it that the elevator will be trapped?

The elevator has two doors, one is the hall door and the other is the car door. An automatic locking device is installed on the hall door. Once locked, unless the elevator car is in place, the hall door and the car door are coincident, otherwise the mechanical locking hook cannot be opened. In the event of an emergency, only professional certificate holders can open the door through the special key to open the hook.

The scenes that are frequently performed in the movie to push up the ceiling and climb out of the elevator are more exaggerated. Although there are emergency exits on the top of the elevator, it is necessary to open the lighting ceiling and use a special key to open it. On the top of the elevator car is the place where maintenance personnel work. There are only working rails around. If the unfamiliar passengers are mistaken, they will not be able to escape the hoistway, and even dangers may occur and cause injury.

The vertical elevator has a complete protection device, normal maintenance, will not fall suddenly. What passengers call "sliding ladders" and "slides" are actually illusions. According to its introduction, there are at least three security devices in the elevator. First of all, the elevator has a brake. When a fault or power failure occurs, the brake will hold the traction motor to stop the rotation and ensure the safety of the elevator. Secondly, in the hoistway where the elevator is running, upper and lower limit check switches and forced deceleration switches are set. If the elevator runs to the upper and lower ends, the elevator system will enter a forced deceleration and setting state. Third, speed limiter safety gear linkage. When the speed limiter detects that the elevator is overspeeding, the safety gear is braked in conjunction with the car and the car is stuck on the guide rail. It is like two big pliers. Once the elevator speeds down, it will cling to it and prevent it from falling. In case the elevator quickly descends to the bottom, there is still a buffer at the bottom of the elevator to slow down the impact when the elevator bottoms.


Why is it that the elevator is not controlled to drop or rise several floors? During the running of the elevator, if there is a problem with the elevator floor detection signal, the elevator will enter the protection and restart state, automatically stop the corresponding button command, and reset the floor data by returning to the bottom floor or the highest floor. In this process, passengers cannot control the elevator, and the elevator is still running. As a result, everyone mistakenly believes that the elevator is a "slippery ladder" or "slide."

When the elevator failed, it suddenly fell from the sixth floor to the fourth floor. Many passengers have doubts. The elevator has "dropped" from the 6th floor to the 4th floor. this is too scary.

In fact, when the elevator is running, the floor corresponding to the displayed number is not very accurate. When the elevator is running, for the comfort of the passengers, it starts, accelerates, decelerates, and stops according to a specific operating curve. “Especially high-speed elevators, reaching the highest speed stage, the operating distance per second exceeds 3 meters, which is more than one floor height. But for passengers to take the elevator's look and feel habits, the displayed floor numbers are superimposed at a constant speed, so that passengers do not think that the elevator is Suddenly, when a fault occurs, if the elevator is just in the process of starting acceleration or deceleration, the actual position and the digital display floor have a certain error, and after the elevator self-protection stops, the floor display will automatically switch to the actual position. At this time, it caused passengers to mistakenly believe that the lift suddenly dropped several layers of illusion.In fact, the elevator stopped within the normal braking distance and did not slip.