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Passenger Lifts And Common Lifts What's The Difference?

Dec 29, 2016

The greatest difference between the two is that generally lifts do not have fire service functions, attack fire suppression when you take an elevator to escape.

Because when it is under the influence of high temperature or power outage, fire, will hurt people who take the elevator or even take their lives.

Fire lifts are equipped with fire protection function:

1, it should be dual power, operating elevators when power is suspended if buildings, is the power of the fire elevator can take the initiative to cater to, and continuous operation.

2, it should be urgently controlled functions, namely when upstairs when the fire, which can receive commands, back to back in a timely manner, rather than continue to receive passengers, can only be used for the fire fighters use.

3, it should be at the top of the car reserved an urgent diversify the export, if the elevator mechanism of failure, also can disperse and escape.

4, fire elevators should be equipped with front room, front room should be equipped with fire doors, make it fire resistant smoke control function.

5, fire load of the lift should not be less than 800 kg, car graphic scale of not less than 1 m x1.5 m, the effect of which is to transfer the larger fire appliance and place a rescue stretcher.

6, fire elevator decoration materials, it is necessary to right and wrong burning materials. Fire-proof elevator control and power wires take waterproofing measures, fire elevator door should have a gentle slope waterproofing solution.

7. within the fire elevator equipped with private telephone, should also be provided on the first floor dedicated to the action button. If these functions are standard, then attack the fire inside the building, fire lift can be used for fire service life safety. If you do not have these conditions, elevators should not be used for fire service life safety, fire aboard the passenger elevators will be life-threatening.