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Ordinary Elevator Counterfeit Brand Sold Into High-end Villa Community

Apr 12, 2018


On March 28th, the Food and Drug Investigation Brigade of Gaoxin Park Public Security Bureau cracked the city’s case concerning the sale of counterfeit branded elevators in many provinces, arrested the suspect Sumou and seized more than 30 elevators involved. The amount involved was more than RMB 500 million. The case was the first case of counterfeit elevators sold by the city's food and drug investigation system. It was also a case of infringement of intellectual property rights that was detected by the Bureau after the sale of counterfeit iPhone cases.

    Blur trails


    At the end of December 2017, the Food and Drug Investigation Brigade of the High-tech Park Public Security Branch received an owner report from a villa community in the area: it signed a lift purchase contract with a certain well-known brand elevator agent in Dalian, and afterwards, the company has been delaying. No delivery. Seemingly in common civil disputes, the investigators carefully queried the victim to obtain an important clue: The company sold a number of villa elevators to a number of owners in the district and installed it, but there was no manufacturer inside the elevator. Trademark identification.

    The investigators confirmed through the on-site visit that the relevant procedures for the elevators were complete, and confirmed that the company had indeed sent a number of villa elevators to the agency of the Dalian Region, and the address was also visited by the public security agencies. The elevator address coincides. The person in charge of the company stated that the trademark logo in the elevator hall should exist, why it could not be explained clearly, and this issue has been lingering in the minds of the investigators.


    The Gaoxin Park police immediately set up a task force to trace the elevators that may have problems. As a result, the investigators immediately went to the elevator manufacturing company and bought the elevator purchase contract three times. After careful comparison, they found that there was a slight difference between the elevator contract held by the victim and the elevator contract held by the company. The investigators felt that there must be Hey. After repeated communication, elevator manufacturers agreed to send technical personnel to carry out inspection and appraisal of the batch of elevators. The results were surprising: Random documents, certificates, and other documents of the batch of elevators were all true documents, but these elevators passed technical personnel. The on-site inspection found that there was no product produced by the company.

    Open the fog

    After the investigators grasped the relevant circumstances, all the clues all point to the so-called "Dalian regional agent" division. At that time, the company's company had already fled to the field after hearing the elevator manufacturer's coming to appraise the wind.

    The investigators immediately followed the suspect’s whereabouts. After extensive investigations, on March 8th this year, the suspects from the company fleeing for several days were taken by the Hi-tech Park on the train bound for Shenyang in Jiamusi. The police arrested in one fell swoop.

    Tie Zheng Ru Shan can not escape the law network

    After the Secretary met the case, he thought that his modus operandi was smart and his means were concealed. The use of real documents coupled with counterfeit elevators would not be seen by investigators. During the interrogation, he refused to explain the facts of the crime. The investigators continued to show their credence and refute the lies of their defenses. Eventually, the secretary of the company lowered his head in front of the ironclad evidence and truthfully explained his criminal facts.

    Since 2015, the criminal suspect Mr. Zhang has long been out of the high-end villa community in the city to sell villa elevators to villa owners in the name of a well-known brand elevator in Dalian. However, the greedy Division XX still does not meet the profit from the sale of regular merchandise, and it has created a problem for elevators purchased by customers. In order to gain illegal profits, he bought elevators from another elevator factory at a lower price, and organized personnel to modify the interior logo of the elevator's outer packaging and elevator car, and falsely caused ordinary elevators to sell high-end elevators of well-known brands and tricked the victim into claiming it. Its installed elevators are well-known brand elevators, in order to obtain greater profits. By the time it was arrested, it had sold more than 30 counterfeit elevators and involved more than 500 million yuan.

    After interrogation, the suspect Sumou confessed to the criminal facts that allegedly sold more than 30 counterfeit elevators and involved more than 500 million yuan worth of special IP infringements. On March 9th, the company was detained by the public security authorities for allegedly selling merchandise with counterfeited registered trademarks. On April 10th, the company's procuratorate approved the arrest. The case is still under further trial.

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