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Open The Door! Senhe Elevator Won The “National Government Procurement Top Ten Suppliers” Award For Four Consecutive Years

Jan 11, 2019

On January 3rd, the 14th National Government Procurement Collection Annual Meeting of Government Procurement was held in Beijing. With many years of outstanding performance in the government procurement market, Senhe Elevator won the “Top Ten Suppliers of National Government Procurement Elevators for the fourth consecutive year. The awards further demonstrate the recognition and favor of the Senke brand at all levels of government procurement.

The conference was based on the theme of “Performance, Deep Reform and Electronicization”, and more than 400 from the central and local financial departments, centralized procurement agencies, purchasers, public resource trading institutions, military units, university units and social agencies. Representatives gathered together to talk about the government procurement market and the future.

The selection of government procurement awards has always adhered to the principle of strictness, fairness and comprehensiveness. It is comprehensively integrated from the aspects of corporate brand image, business reputation, product quality and service level. It is the authoritative assessment of the strength of suppliers in the political and mining fields. Senhe Elevator has been enlisted by the government procurement of the central government for many years and purchased by the central government directly under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, achieving comprehensive coverage of the party and government industry.

In recent years, Senhe Elevator has continued to exert its strength in the field of public construction, and its performance is very eye-catching. It has become a shining record in more and more government procurement projects. It is a large-scale civil life project in China, a high-speed railway airport transportation hub, a public construction site, and a top three hospital. The military and other projects are escorting. In 2018, Senhe Elevator continued to strengthen its technical research and development strength, improve its product and service level, and won the “Global Elevator Classic Project” and “Huzhou City Government Quality Award”. It was selected as the “Shanghai City Government Purchasing Elevator Service Preferred Supplier” and was selected in Zhejiang Province. The key technology innovation special project, the “automatic sidewalk” project was selected into the 2018 “Zhejiang Manufacturing” standard-setting plan, which has won high recognition from all levels of government, users, partners and other sectors of society.

With the opportunity of the government procurement award, Senhe Elevator will continue to adhere to the core concept of “only for safe arrival”, increase investment in scientific research and talent team construction, and take the road of “smart quality creation”, relying on cloud computing, Emerging technologies such as big data and Internet of Things provide more competitive escalator products and solutions to the market, and work together with government procurement to contribute to the construction of smart cities in China.

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