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On The So-called Ladder And Correct Interpretations

Dec 29, 2016

In the elevator industry, once heard the "ladder" term, all people are frightened because of its horrible, directly under the great impact causing personal injuries to passengers, and even death. In reality, TI will really happen? What is the probability? Ladder in the end what is it? What would be causing it?

We know that the elevator movement is accomplished by the tractor dragging the wire rope. So called "ladder" is referring to: the elevator in a non-controlled state, landed from the top down at free fall speed into the elevator pit. These security risks in elevator design came up, therefore designed a lot of security features.

1, the intensity of elevator wire rope safety factor must be greater than 12, and at least three pieces of rope, each is independent.

2, load-proof measures of wire rope to prevent the wire rope fracture off tank. Protection of signals, in order to cut off the signal to stop the elevator.

4, up and down the shaft end station set upper and lower limits and limit protection switch, above is triggered once the Terminal position switches cut off the elevator safety circuit signals, elevators will stop immediately.

5, set the mechanical safety components, speed limiter, safety rope clamp, clamp, elevator car when they exceed the rated speed of the 115% trigger speed limiter, safety gear, rope block to cut off safety circuit signals, and in the form of mechanical forces stopped the elevator.

6, set the buffer when when the car fell into the buffer, and inertial forces, the impact will be all removed.

To sum up the elevator falling ladder accidents will not happen, because there are a variety of security measures, can make the safe operation of the lift.