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On Several Problems Of Elevator Maintenance

Dec 29, 2016

Question 1. broken elevator, who is responsible for maintenance?

Answer: the elevator is shared equipment and tools owned by the owners of all. As a rule, all lifts must have daily maintenance of elevator maintenance company to ensure removing elevator failure or failure resolved in a timely manner. Residential environment and property management sector commissioned by the owners and, therefore, responsible for elevator maintenance and management of the property. However, once the elevators break down, need replacement parts or costs associated with maintenance, shall be borne by the owner. In fact, it needs large sums of money when the owners Committee in accordance with the project management approach on the maintenance fund, the use of maintenance fund for major repairs or renovation of the elevator.

Question 2. elevators need renovation, maintenance costs less than what?

Answer: according to the Xian municipal government issued the circular on further strengthening the management of elevator safety provisions of the elevator repairs after the warranty expiration renewal fee shall be borne by the property law, residential special maintenance funds can be paid from the special maintenance fund. When applying for the major repair Fund, available through two-thirds or the owners ' Committee, with the consent of the property owner's consent, can apply to the municipal housing Bureau housing maintenance fund for maintenance. In addition, you can also use emergency repair funds a "green channel".

Also, for failing to establish residential special maintenance fund or residential special maintenance funds, residential property owners fees agreed, in accordance with the contract execution; no agreed or explicitly agreed by the local street (town) owners negotiated settlement, the total share of the property rights of the owner of the lift in accordance with their respective commitments.