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Old Building With Elevator First Spring Festival

Feb 20, 2019

On the Spring Festival Evening of 2019, which was broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV on the first day of this year, the four former Deyun clubs, He Yunwei, Cao Yunjin, Li Jing, and Liu Yuntian, once again had the same stage. They said that the group’s cross-talking "Step Forward" can be said to be very The grounding gas tells the story of the building's installation of elevators in the neighborhood.

Buildings with elevators, should not be subject to a majority


    Four to six storey residents want to install an elevator

    Residents on the first floor do not wish to install an elevator

 This controversy about the installation of elevator crosstalk was a one-on-three situation from the beginning, giving a layer of pressure to the residents. In fact, in the process of discussing the installation of elevators, any household can object to the installation of elevators for any reason. This is a way for residents to express their demands. It cannot be oppressed by a minority in the form of majority, and should not be morally abducted.

 Buildings with elevators should not be pre-set to be municipally funded.

 In this cross talk, the way to persuade a layer of tenants to agree to install an elevator is “municipal contribution”. This is not a good suggestion. It is very likely that some citizens will mislead the government for the financial subsidies for installing elevators. concept. After all, for the residents who are willing to invest in the installation of elevators, they have to wait for the municipal capital to contribute, but they have slowed down the progress of installing elevators. There are many ways to install elevators in the building. Among them, municipal subsidies and residents raise funds. If the municipal capital contribution is used to reach an agreement, it is more difficult to make the investment of residents. The progress of installing elevators will only become more and more serious. slow.

In summary, due to the addition of elevators, it is necessary to reach an agreement between neighbors. If there is a dispute between neighbors, it should be negotiated and resolved as friendly as possible to promote the smooth operation of the elevator.

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