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Ningbo 10 Community Pilot Elevators On-demand Maintenance For The Country To Explore The Experience

Dec 05, 2018

In the Visa Residence in Yinzhou District, the residential elevators are no longer maintained in a fixed cycle. “Since May this year, 12 elevators in our community have been piloted on-demand. After 7 months of trial operation, the owners generally reported good results, especially the time for maintenance of the elevators was significantly shortened.” Yesterday, the residential property company The person in charge said.

According to the information from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, there are currently 383 elevators in 10 communities in Ningbo to carry out on-demand maintenance pilots. The average failure rate and failure repair time are reduced by 32% and 24% respectively compared with conventional maintenance. At the symposium on the national elevator safety supervision reform held in Handan recently, Chen Gang, a member of the Party Committee of the State Administration of Markets Supervision, affirmed this practice in the city. He hoped that Ningbo's elevator on-demand maintenance reform will continue to be piloted and promoted nationwide.

According to the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations, the elevator should be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted and inspected at least every 15 days. This maintenance mode plays an important role in discovering the safety hazards of elevators and ensuring the safe operation of elevators. However, there are also some defects, such as elevators that cannot reflect different use environments, different frequency of use, and different service life. demand. In September last year, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau issued a notice to decide on the on-demand maintenance of the passenger elevators in the residential quarters of the city, and announced the first batch of pilot elevator projects.

The person in charge of the special equipment safety supervision department of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau introduced that the maintenance of elevators on demand is not to reduce maintenance, but to make full use of the remote monitoring technology of elevators, to carry out online inspection and maintenance according to the time limit required by regulations, and to operate data according to the collected elevators. And the actual situation of the safety risk, reasonable arrangements for on-site maintenance projects. Starting from November 2017, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Ningbo Branch will carry out on-demand maintenance of pilot elevators in Zhenhai Hengda Shanshui City. Through half-year data comparison, the number of elevator repairs in the community was basically the same as before, but the system automatic alarm accounted for 79%, and the fault response efficiency was significantly improved.

According to a project of Ningbo Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, the average failure rate of pilots on-demand maintenance is 0.03%, which is 0.014% lower than the conventional maintenance mode. The average on-site maintenance time of each (secondary) elevator is 59.8 minutes. Conventional maintenance is reduced by approximately 15%; elevator failure repair time averages 34.68 minutes, which is approximately 24% lower than conventional maintenance; elevator replacement costs are reduced by an average of 11.5%.

Ningbo is the first region in the country to carry out pilot reforms of elevator safety supervision. Since the pilot in May last year, there have been 2,851 elevators in the city to insure elevator safety comprehensive insurance, of which 287 are insured by the owners at their own expense. Chen Yujun, a professor and doctoral tutor at Renmin University of China, said that Ningbo's “insurance + service” elevator safety comprehensive insurance and elevator on-demand maintenance reform not only effectively improved the elevator quality and safety level, but also explored the experience of the national elevator safety supervision reform.

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