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Nanning Launched A Pedestrian Walkway Escalator Safety Drill: Wearing A High-heeled Dress And Taking The Elevator To Pay More Attention

Jul 05, 2018

At 9 o'clock in the morning yesterday, a young woman wearing a long skirt was accidentally dropped by high-heeled shoes when she passed the Chaoyang-Minsheng Road pedestrian bridge escalator. The high-heeled heels and long skirts were stuck in the conveyor belt of the escalator... This is the safety exercise of the pedestrian bridge escalator being carried out by the Municipal Office of the Nanning City Administration.

At the drill site, after the “accident” occurred, the elevator duty officer immediately closed the faulty elevator, intercepted the scene and drove the pedestrians. At the same time, the injured person was inquired and recorded in detail, and then the injured were picked up by the “120” rescue personnel; maintenance personnel After checking the elevator, after the maintenance of the elevator equipment, the elevator resumes operation.

It is reported that the Chaoyang-Minsheng Road pedestrian bridge is located in the bustling commercial area of the city center. Two escalators are installed at both ends of the bridge, running up and down. Due to the high traffic volume in the city center, there are many people who take the escalator every day. According to the demand of people running out, the escalator runs from 9:00 to 21:00 every day.

Liang Hua, a staff member of the Municipal Administration of Nanning City Management Bureau, said that in addition to the Chaoyang-Minsheng Road pedestrian bridge, the overpasses such as Xinghu Road and Minzu Avenue are also equipped with elevators, some of which are escalator-type and some of which are lift-type. In order to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, there are special personnel on duty, and the elevators are routinely maintained. At present, these elevators are operating normally. At the same time, you should also remind passengers wearing high-heeled shoes and long skirts to pay more attention when riding the escalator.