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Nanchong 466 Elevators Received Policy Subsidies 150,000 Yuan Per Elevator

Nov 26, 2018

In order to improve the function of residential use and promote the elevators in the old residential areas, in May last year, the city issued the “Management Measures for the Addition of Existing Residential Elevators in the Three Districts of Nanchong City to Award Subsidy Management” to solve the difficulty in installing elevators and difficult to approve. A subsidy of 150,000 yuan will be given to each additional elevator. On November 14, the reporter learned from the Real Estate Section of the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau that as of October, the policy of adding and subsidizing elevators has been completed. The city has submitted 466 elevators for this year.

On the morning of November 14, the reporter went to a residential area in Beihu Road, Shunqing District. The old community was in stark contrast with the landscape glass elevator. Many residents lined up and downstairs waiting for the elevator. "It’s great to be able to install the elevator. I don’t have to pant up again.” Ms. He, who lives on the 8th floor of Building 5, Beihu Road, said, “The landscape glass elevator is very beautiful, standing in the elevator. See the scenery inside the community."

Ms. He told reporters that the age of the family is relatively old. Before the elevator was installed, it was always annoying to go out. “At that time, the elevator leader was armed with a self-made consultation form. When the family went to ask for advice, when we came to ask about our home, we immediately decided to support and installed the elevator to solve our urgency.”

According to the relevant person in charge of the Housing Management Bureau of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, the installation of elevators in the old residential areas involves a wide range of problems and many problems. After repeated research, the city finally issued the “Additional Project for Existing Residential Elevators in the Three Districts of Nanchong City. Management Measures. According to the policy, if the residential building that meets the installation of the elevator is approved, each elevator will receive a subsidy of 150,000 yuan from the provincial government. "In order to let more people understand the policy and obtain the policy dividend, the bureau announced the policy information through multiple channels, and the masses responded enthusiastically. During the implementation of the policy, we received many people's telephone calls and visits, and the problems were mainly concentrated before the elevator was added. The internal consultations, awards and other policies of the owners have been guided and explained by the bureau," the official said.

With the implementation of the policy, in 2018, the old community was equipped with an elevator "hot". “In 2017, there were only 32 elevators for the city to declare bonus funds.” The relevant person in charge of the Housing Management Division said that by 2018, the city had declared 466 elevators for the fund. Among them, the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau has declared 99 projects at the same level, 206 in Shunqing District, 21 in Gaoping District, 31 in Jialing District, and 109 in Yuzhong City.

According to the introduction, in accordance with the "Sichuan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance on the implementation of the existing residential elevators to increase the number of projects to implement the awards to fill the award" (Chuan Jian Ji Cai Fa [2016] No. 418) and "Nan Chong City jurisdiction In the three districts, there are provisions for the establishment of elevators to increase the number of elevators, and the award-added policy for elevators has been closed in October this year. At present, the people in our city are still actively consulting and planning to declare. The Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau is applying to the provincial housing and construction department, and from the perspective of solving the people's livelihood, it will continue to implement the policy of adding elevators to existing houses.

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