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Municipal Party School To Carry Out Elevator Maintenance Work

Jan 29, 2019

The use of elevators in the school building of the Party School has been more than 10 years. In order to effectively carry out safety production work, eliminate the risk of safety hazards and ensure the safety of students and faculty members. Recently, our school has carried out comprehensive elevator maintenance with the elevator maintenance company. jobs.

In this work, our school listened carefully to the inspection report of the maintenance company, and completely replaced the accessories of the traction system with a long service life, and also replaced and repaired the worn parts and emergency dialogue devices such as the brake system. . At the same time, our school also requires the maintenance company to conduct detailed inspections during the maintenance process, and not let go of any risk points, and effectively eliminate the hidden dangers of “carpet”.

Through daily regular maintenance, the elevator safety management system is strictly implemented, and the inspection work required by the quality supervision department is strictly observed. The elevators of our school have been kept safe and safe, and no safety accidents have occurred.

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