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More Than 2/3 Of The Owners Of Hunan On October 1 Agreed To Add Elevators To Existing Houses

Sep 14, 2018

The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction on September 6 that according to the provincial government's construction, development, reform, finance, land, fire, quality supervision and other six departments recently issued the "Guidelines for the addition of elevators for existing urban housing in Hunan Province" (referred to as "Guidance" Opinions), the owners who account for more than 2/3 of the total area of the building and the total number of 2/3 or more owners agree, you can add elevators to the existing houses in units or stairs. The New Deal was implemented on October 1 this year and is valid for five years.

Government guidance, voluntary owner

The "Guidance Opinions" pointed out that within the city planning area above the county level (including county level), the building ownership certificate has been obtained and put into use, there is no elevator, and the existing housing or scope is not included in the housing collection area to meet the security needs. Suitable for the scope of additional elevators. It is necessary to follow the principle of “government guidance, orderly advancement, owner's voluntariness, security, simplifying procedures, facilitating the people, benefiting the local government, and supervising according to law”.

The "Guiding Opinions" require that if there is an existing elevator in units of units or stairs, the owner of the unit or the building shall occupy more than 2/3 of the total area of the building and the owner of the total number of employees shall be more than 2/3. Agreed, and reached a written agreement on the increase of the cost of the elevator construction and the sharing of elevator operation, maintenance, maintenance and other expenses. If an additional elevator is to be occupied to occupy the owner's proprietary part or affect the lighting and ventilation of the owner's proprietary part, the consent of the owner of the proprietary part shall also be obtained.

Provide a package of policy support

According to the "Guidance Opinions", the cost of elevator construction and the operation, maintenance and repair of elevators can be increased in four ways. 1. The owner negotiates and jointly contributes according to a certain proportion of the apportionment. It can also share the capital contribution ratio according to the floor and the part of the building area. 2. The owner may withdraw the housing provident fund in accordance with relevant regulations. 3. The owner may apply for the use of special maintenance funds in accordance with relevant regulations. 4. Encourage all types of social capital and related industry investment funds to participate in the addition of elevator projects to existing houses.

In addition, the "Guidance Opinions" also proposed support policies such as finance, taxes, and finance. That is, encourage qualified places to determine the financial subsidy standards themselves, and coordinate the integration of relevant funds to support the construction of elevators in existing houses. Support large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises to participate in the addition of elevator projects, and enjoy the corresponding tax preferential policies in accordance with regulations. Encourage financial institutions to increase credit support for additional elevator projects in existing residential buildings, open up green channels, and provide diversified financial services. There is an additional elevator in the existing house, no increase in the price of the land, and no payment for the urban infrastructure.

Clear power, responsibility, and profit

The "Guidance Opinions" require that the municipal and state real estate authorities should organize surveys based on actual conditions, determine the annual implementation plan, and promote the construction of elevators for existing houses in categories, sub-regions and sub-annuals.

The "Guidance Opinion" pointed out that all owners who agreed to add elevators are the main applicants for the addition of elevators. After the application subject negotiates and agrees, the property service enterprise, the construction enterprise with corresponding qualifications, the elevator manufacturing, installation enterprise, survey and design unit, etc. may be entrusted as the main body of implementation. In the implementation process, the implementation body should organize the preparation of additional elevator implementation plans, solicit opinions from interested parties, go through planning approval procedures, and carry out construction drawing design and review.

The "Guidance Opinions" also require the clear use of elevator management and maintenance responsibilities. The increase in the public building area of existing houses after the addition of elevators is included in the housing pool area and can be registered for real estate. If the owner believes that the request for compensation due to the addition of an elevator infringing on its ownership and neighboring civil rights and interests, etc., it shall be settled through negotiation between the owners; if the negotiation or mediation fails, it may be settled through civil litigation according to law.

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