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Man Drunk Into The Elevator Shaft And Died

Mar 15, 2019

At 21:36 on March 7th, 2019, the Zhongqi Squadron of Huizhou Fire Brigade was in a state of alert. A man in the Zhongguan Eton Mansion was drunk and accidentally broke into the elevator shaft and needed emergency rescue.

The Zhongkai Fire Squadron immediately dispatched a car and seven people to the scene. After arriving at the scene, they found that the man had lost consciousness and could not cooperate with the rescue. Firefighters use rescued ropes, metal hooks, safety belts and other equipment to rescue men. As the man has lost consciousness and there is water in the elevator shaft, it has caused great difficulties for the rescue operation. After the cooperation of the firefighters, the man was successfully rescued and delivered to the on-site medical staff. The specific cause of the accident is still under investigation.

According to the Chenjiang Sub-district Office, after 120 rescues were invalid, the public security, fire protection, quality supervision and other departments have been involved in the investigation.

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