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Maintenance Record Fraud, Elevator Company Was Investigated

Mar 05, 2019

On February 11th, the law enforcement officers of the Zhongxiu Branch of the Chongchuan District Market Supervision Bureau found that the most recent maintenance record in the maintenance record issued by an elevator maintenance company was February 15 during the special inspection of the elevator safety before the holiday. day.

Why is there a "premature" elevator maintenance record? After investigation and verification, the elevator maintenance personnel will save time for the map. On February 1st, when the elevator is under maintenance, the maintenance records for February 15 will be filled out together. The elevator maintenance company did not maintain the elevator according to the safety technical specifications. The “premature production” maintenance record made the maintenance work “fit”, which was in the form, which brought a big safety hazard to the elevator use and violated the special equipment safety. The relevant provisions of the Law, Chongchuan District Market Supervision Bureau will investigate the relevant responsible units.

According to the TSG T5002-2017 elevator maintenance rules, the elevator must be repaired once every half month, and the maintenance work is essential for the safe operation of the elevator. Chongchuan District Market Supervision Bureau reminds elevator maintenance units to do their due diligence in the maintenance work, strengthen their sense of responsibility, can not regard public safety as a child's play, and strictly implement maintenance according to the requirements of safety technical specifications. In the future work, the Chongchuan District Market Supervision Administration will increase the supervision of elevator maintenance units, and investigate and deal with illegal maintenance of elevator maintenance units to create a good environment for the masses.

As shown in the figure below, an inspection personnel conducts periodic inspections on a certain user unit, and finds the maintenance record of the maintenance unit in the process of reviewing the use of data as shown in the following figure.

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