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Little Brother In The Elevator To Discourage Smoking Was Actually Beaten

Jun 27, 2018

On June 18th, the police station of Hongshan Street in Xuanwu District received an alarm. There was a dispute in the underground parking lot of the Longfa Square on Hongshan Road. A young man tried to dissuade others from smoking in the elevator. As a result, the trio was confined by the three, resulting in many physical injuries. I was injured. This courageous young man is also a labor security coordinator on Xuanwu Lake Street.

    When he saw Xiaojin, he was recuperating at home. According to him, at noon on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, he and his parents went to Longfa Square on Hongshan Road for dinner. "After dinner, my parents and I went to the parking lot to pick up the car. When I entered the elevator, I saw several people smoking inside. There was also a mother with a child next to her." Xiao Jin recalled that due to the small space in the elevator, the lady was The smokers protested and destroyed the cigarettes. However, the man was very arrogant and ignored the request of the mother. He even whispered. “I really couldn’t stand it. I told him that the elevator was originally a non-smoking one. Please rush it off quickly and don’t affect others.” As a veteran, his natural sense of justice made him not hesitate to Stand out. Surprisingly, the man's two companions did not say anything, and they immediately went to work. Xiaojin’s glasses were also hit by a punch. Because there are many people in the elevator, I am afraid that the innocent little gold will not fight back. When the elevator arrived at the parking lot, the three men did not close their hands. Instead, Xiao Jin was encumbered. Xiao Jin’s parents also saved a lot of punches for protecting him. After Xiaojin said that the police immediately, the three men threatened to kill him, and his arrogance was very arrogant. Later, the three men went away. The scarred Xiaojin immediately reported the case to the Hongshan Sub-district Police Station. “At that time, it was full of pain and the head was a little painful. These people started to do too much.” Since the incident was monitored video, found It is not difficult for these three men to have trouble. At present, the Hongshan Sub-district police station is making full investigations.

    The 25-year-old Xiao Jin retired from the army two years ago. Before that, he was an information officer in the Guangzhou Military Region. After demobilization, he worked in the street of Xuanwu Lake. He is currently a labor and social security coordinator in the street and provides residents with social security services. "At the time, I didn't think much about it. I felt that a big man smoking in an elevator and bullying women and children was too disgusting!" In the past few days, Xiao Jin has been recuperating at home. "In the face of such a situation, I will still stand up and stop it. Whether it is as a soldier or a staff member of the grass-roots government, it has the responsibility to fight this evil," said Xiao Jin.

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