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Life Is Not Easy, It Is Harder To Repair The Ladder! The Elevator People Are Warm And Self-aware!

Aug 08, 2018

What kind of people are the elevator people?

Their phones never shut down

Waiting around the clock

Working environment is hot summer high temperature machine room

It is the roof of the winter lunar month.

It is an impenetrable elevator shaft

Feet on the elevator car top

Looking up is countless hoistway lights

Looking down is a bottomless pit.

Walking late at night on the way home

They remembered their family again.

Cold wife

Ignore the elderly and children

Life is not easy, it is harder to build a ladder

Elevator people warm and self-aware

Dry elevator line,

Not an easy thing,

It takes physical strength, technology, and good temper!

Think about your wife and children at home, waiting for us to raise.

Think about the elderly parents, waiting for our filial piety.

Think about the house and car that are still repaying.

Think again that the age is so big, there is no deposit.

How can we lift people in the elevator,

mix! Do not! Up!

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