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Leshan Elevator Bite People Continued: Doll Toes Did Not Keep 6 Escalators Temporarily Suspended

Dec 04, 2018

On the evening of December 2, an elevator accident occurred in Jiarui Fortune Plaza, the old city of Leshan City, Sichuan Province. The four toes of a 3-year-old boy were “bitten”. On December 3, the Red Star journalist was informed that the four toes of the boy who had undergone surgery were not saved. At present, the six escalators at the incident have all been temporarily suspended.

The elevator has been shut down

    According to many eyewitnesses, when the boy was about to go down to the bottom of the elevator, there was an accident, and the right foot was full of blood, and the cry was very miserable. After the incident, elevator maintenance personnel and firefighters helped to find his toes that were crushed. On December 3, the boy’s father, Mr. Luo, said that after surgery, the child’s four toes were still not preserved. For the passing of the incident, Mr. Luo did not want to recall, "it is too uncomfortable."

    At noon on December 3, the relevant staff of the Sichuan Weichuan Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd., said that because of the large flow of people on weekends, in order to prevent accidents, their staff were on duty at the scene, so the accident occurred only In 3 minutes, they rushed to the scene and participated in the treatment of boys.

    The staff said that they usually do not have more than 15 days of routine maintenance on the escalator, and the elevator was maintained on November 20. After the incident, after the initial site investigation, the elevator did not malfunction, and all technical standards were in compliance with the requirements. After the child's foot was stuck, the elevator was immediately stopped.

    According to Mr. Zhou, the person in charge of the elevator using Fangleshan Yinji Commercial Service Co., Ltd., the elevator has been put into operation since 2010 and will be maintained on time.

    At present, the six escalators on the ground have all stopped running temporarily, and the cause of the accident is still waiting for further investigation by the quality supervision department.

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