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Learning Elevator Maintenance New Skills Poor Children Have Iron Rice Bowl

Jul 06, 2018

Governing poverty and treating poverty, helping the poor first. To educate a poor child, you can completely dig up the roots of a family. In 2017, the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, on the basis of visits and investigations linked to poverty alleviation points, joined the Municipal Education Bureau, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Poverty Alleviation Office to promote the precision education poverty alleviation project in the professional high school of Anning City - elevator safety and maintenance occupation. Training.

At present, the project has trained 36 poor students and helped them to get on the job, so that they have a stable income, improved the conditions of the entire family, and truly help the target family to work for one person and realize poverty alleviation. People.

Income is guaranteed

The annual income of employment students is not less than 35,000 yuan

After leaving the school for nearly 10 years, Zhang Xingquan did not think about the opportunity to return to the campus and learn a new skill in a down-to-earth manner.

Zhang Xingquan's family is the establishment of the card holder of the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in the “hanging bag” poverty alleviation village in Luquan County. In March 2017, under the in-depth visit and extensive publicity of the village's poverty alleviation cadres, Zhang Xingquan learned that the bureau had led the opening of elevator safety and maintenance vocational training in Anning Vocational High School, which was specially built for his family. The children of the card holders provide learning opportunities. After the completion of the program, they can also work in the elevator company and have a good income.

There are five people in Zhang Xingquan’s family. Grandparents and grandmothers are old. The family’s income is mainly from their father’s work. Looking at the hard-working parents, he wants to help the family to ease the burden through his own labor. I heard that there was such a learning opportunity, he immediately signed up and passed the review.

In April 2017, with excitement, Zhang Xingquan came to Anning Vocational High School from Luquan and became one of the first students to train and maintain vocational training in elevators. Zhang Xingquan and his classmates do not have to pay any books, tuition, and even 500 yuan per month.

In this class, the family situation of many children is similar to that of Zhang Xingquan, so learning is very hard.

After nearly 9 months of study, the first batch of students have finished their studies and started internships at various elevator companies. Zhang Xingquan said that during the internship, the company provided accommodation, in addition to a steady income of 2,000 yuan per month, it also subsidized 500 yuan living expenses. After the end of the three-month internship period, the income will increase. According to the goal of the poverty alleviation project, as long as the study and assessment, the annual income of the employed students is not less than 35,000 yuan. "Before drifting outside to work, the monthly salary is unstable. Now there is not only stable income, but also increasing with the level of improvement, so that I am full of confidence in the future." Zhang Xingquan said.

Planning in the future

I want to bring out the young people in the village.

The school's learning is very systematic, in addition to theoretical study, there are a lot of practical operations, but also exercise their teamwork ability.

In the past, when working in the past, Zhang Xingquan was engaged in the work of the assembly line. Every day, he was sitting in his position for a whole day. He recalled that at that time, he had little communication with people, and he had no plans for the future, and there was not much room for improvement. After studying the elevator maintenance professional for a period of time, he became more and more interested in elevator maintenance and felt that there were too many places to learn and improve. "I used to know that there are so many principles on the elevator. I don’t know how many principles are understood. After I understand these principles, I feel very fulfilled."

Elevator maintenance work must not only have excellent technology, but also know how to communicate with the property and the owner. In the event of an elevator trap, it is necessary to know how to comfort the trapped person. During the internship, Zhang Xingquan learned a lot of communication skills with the master, and maintained good communication with several property companies, which was affirmed by the owners and property personnel. The person in charge of the company also valued that he could endure hardships and be eager to learn, and decided to sign a labor contract with him after the internship period.

For the future, Zhang Xingquan said that he wants to seize every learning opportunity and upgrade his skills as soon as possible, becoming a "hands-on" of the elevator maintenance industry. He also remembered the poor partners in his hometown, and when his skills and abilities reached a certain level, he wanted to bring out the young people in the village and teach them skills so that the villagers in the village could live a good life.

Poverty alleviation is effective

36 students have been on the job

Poverty alleviation not only requires "blood transfusion" but also "hematopoiesis." In the daily supervision, the quality supervision personnel found that the elevator maintenance staff had a large gap. Taking 2016 as an example, the city has a total of 43,700 elevators, but there are only more than 2,000 maintenance technicians, and more than 40 elevators per month. The Kunming elevator is still growing at a rate of more than 4,000 per year. According to this calculation, more than 200 maintenance personnel need to be added each year.

In combination with the work of “precise poverty alleviation”, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau put forward the idea of “Elevator Safety and Maintenance Vocational Training Class”, which provides opportunities for children of poor families to learn and find employment, increase the income of a family, and achieve accurate poverty alleviation. The city's elevator maintenance industry continues to deliver professional and technical personnel.

This idea was responded to by the Municipal Poverty Alleviation Office, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal People's Social Security Bureau, the Kunming Elevator Industry Association, and the Anning Vocational High School. Everyone agrees that this is a sustainable and secure way to help the poor to get rid of poverty. It is also a major livelihood project that needs long-term adherence. The project was soon launched in Anning Vocational High School.

In addition to the 9-month study and 3-month internship short-term vocational skills improvement class where Zhang Xingquan is located, the project also offers a three-year full-time academic education class. In the full-time academic education class, tuition and accommodation fees are exempted during the study period. According to the relevant national policies, the national bursary is 2,000 yuan per year for the first two years. Students with excellent academic performance can enjoy the inspirational scholarship of up to 4,000 yuan per year.

Wei Ming, president of the Kunming Elevator Industry Association, said that in the next step, the elevator safety and maintenance vocational training program will expand the enrollment scope according to the actual situation, launch more elevator enterprises to participate in the project, and provide more learning and employment opportunities for poor children.

Today, like Zhang Xingquan, the remaining 35 students of the elevator maintenance poverty alleviation project have also completed their studies and work, and a new group of students are studying hard.

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