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Kleinman Brings You French Romance

Aug 14, 2018

When it comes to France, the first association of people is romance: a walk by the Seine, a low-pitched scent of the Champs-Elysees, a slow-down in the bar, and a whisper in the cafe. French-style romance is associated with flowers, candles, perfumes and kisses without exception.

Romantic France has a castle that is beautiful throughout Europe. The beauty of the castle, for most people in the East, lies in the mystery and romance contained in it, and the castle culture is a moving poem.

The beautiful castle of Ferrieres is located in the French suburbs. This castle, originally built in the mid-19th century, is legendary. Its original owner was the younger son of the Rothschild family, Baron James Rothschild. In addition to the main building, the castle is also home to 1.3 square kilometers of English gardens, surrounded by 30 square kilometers of forest, which was considered one of the largest and most luxurious castles in France.

Designed by the famous British architect Joseph Paxton, the castle features a Neo-Renaissance style with a square body and towers on all four corners, while the core of the building is two floors. High central hall.

Entering the castle and boarding the marble steps, it is facing this gorgeous central hall. The original decoration is completely preserved here. The two-story hall is supported by a Roman column decorated with gilt gold. The wall on the first floor is a graceful deep red with a portrait of the members of the Rothschild family and collected paintings. works. The second floor of the wall is made of golden paint, and the large-scale murals and sculptures make the room more luxurious. The roof is a full glass sunroof, and the sun shines through the skylights in the hall, breaking the old-fashioned atmosphere of the room, bringing luster and glamour to the rich colors and gorgeous decorations.

In addition to the central hall, the stair railings, decorative sculptures, porches, lighting, windows and other details inside the castle exude an ancient history and elegant aristocratic temperament.

Among the romantic castles, there are naturally Kleinman elevators. Kleinman was invited to design an Atlas Basic elevator for the castle of Ferrier, dedicated to a safe, reliable and enjoyable journey for visitors.

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