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Key Proposal Of Fujian Quanzhou Municipal Co-ordination Office

Oct 24, 2018

Recently, the Quanzhou Municipal Political Consultative Conference of Fujian Province organized the proposing unit, sponsors, committee members and proposal handling units. The deputy mayor of the municipal government, Hong Ziqiang, and the vice chairman of the CPPCC, Hong Chuanfu led a team around the key proposal “Strengthening the safety supervision of the city”. Supervise the event and hold a consultation forum.

There are problems with elevator use management and maintenance maintenance, as well as problems left over from architectural design and construction. "The overall number of maintenance personnel is insufficient, the business capability is not strong, and the human-machine matching of the regulatory authorities is seriously asymmetrical. "... At the meeting, the committee members bluntly pointed out the elevator safety problems found at the investigation site.

Lin Dongliang suggested that the solution should be resolved from the establishment of elevator safety management into the social insurance mechanism, the legal supervision of elevator developers, the accountability system, and the encouragement of new and old communities and resettlement communities to create intelligent early warning platforms. While endorsing Chen Rongcan, he believed that it should also vigorously promote the market-oriented informationization and modern management of elevator maintenance and maintenance in the city.

How to strengthen the safety supervision of old elevators, improve the quality control of new elevators, innovate the elevator supervision mode, and improve the elevator fault prevention ability are issues that must be paid attention to. The committee members suggested strengthening the quality of the maintenance team, improving the quality of safety repair and maintenance; speeding up the steps of community elevators to ensure the maintenance of elevator maintenance funds; strengthening the main responsibility of security, improving the transparency of elevator safety supervision; establishing an elevator access mechanism, Increase the quality of new elevators; promote the construction of intelligent supervision platforms and improve the safety management functions of elevators.

“Improving the safety management level of elevators is a systematic project and needs to be responsible for each other.” Hong Ziqiang, deputy mayor of the municipal government, said that relevant authorities and local governments should help in solving problems by technical and financial means. Supervise and promptly rectify. Encourage qualified units to explore the construction and use of elevator safety and intelligent supervision platforms, and strive to use new high-tech means to explore new ways for elevator safety supervision.

Hong Chuanfu, vice chairman of the CPPCC, suggested establishing a “four-in-one” elevator management system that the government, enterprises, property and owners should jointly manage. Formulate emergency rescue plans, improve effective rules and regulations, and promote safety knowledge in conjunction with elevator video windows. Build a problem-checking mechanism and establish a project construction account. Once an elevator failure occurs, the developer shall be responsible for the safe operation of elevators and other equipment. Strive to incorporate the elevator intelligent supervision platform into the construction of “smart city”.

After the meeting, the propaganda unit of the Kuomintang, the NLD Quanzhou Municipal Committee and the sponsor Nie Yongzhong expressed great satisfaction with the handling of the proposal.

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